Participant Top 3 Values Word Cloud.

Session 5 Notes

How to invite people into an Empathy Circle?

    • Not to be too heavy or pushing it.

I take the listening awareness into my daily life.

    • Awareness of listening - lacking of empathic listening in daily life.

    • How I talk too much and this doesn’t give time to others.

    • Learning more about myself.

    • I don't’ listen very well

Training is great to have a space to actually practicing the things we have heard about what ist’s like to listen well.

How to practice the empathy circle

    • Some people are open to it

    • Others don’t want to take part.

Family listening is difficult and challenging.

    • Have assumptions of family members motives and intentions

    • I get defensive

    • Want to go deep. Need to build trust

    • Family empathy circles. Good to have mutuality

    • Difficulty of maintaining the empathy circle in the family.

    • Takes a lot of effort to keep it going.

    • It’s exhausting to do an empathy circle.

    • The mutuality of the circle

    • If you do empathy circle it can

    • The empathy circle changes the power dynamics of the relationships. That causes resistance.

    • We need a training module for empathy circles in the family.

Design of the training. I’m waiting for inspiration

    1. Offer 1 hour of listening

    2. Hold empathy circles on the topic of How might we go for deeper connection in the empathy circle?

    3. Bring your friends to the Empathy Cafe