13.14 Short EC

SUBJECT: Cohort 13.A: Empathy Circle Training: Prepare to Facilitate another Short Empathy Circle in the Next Session


Building a Culture of Empathy Together


A reminder that in the next Training Session you will be practicing facilitating another 20 min practice Empathy Circle.  This time you can ask for Challenges.  

There will generally be one Trainer/ee and 3 participants in the break out room. Each participants  will have about 20 to 25 minutes to;

Then there will be time to get feedback (about 5 min) on how it went from others in your breakout Session.


In preparation review the instructions for introducing the Empathy Circle practice.

See the introductory Videos here.


Here is a one page checklist. This can be printed and given to participants when you facilitate Empathy Circles. You can also just read it when giving the How To instructions. You can also prepare your own checklist of how to introduce the practice.  see PDF Version: Empathy Circle: How-To Do Empathic Listening V 2.0


Facilitating with participants that are not familiar with the practice.

If all the participants in an Empathy Circle are familiar with the practice, and have done it several times, there is not much if any, facilitation needed. Everyone holds the process.  In your practice Empathy Circle you will imagine introducing the practice to people that are new and have never taken part in an Empathy Circle. The reason you will be the first listener is so that you can demonstrate how the listening works with the new participants. This models it for them.

Facilitation With Challenges

Challenges Catalog: Here is a list of facilitation challenges you may encounter

You can review these before the next Session. 

When you facilitate your Empathy Circle you will be able to dial up the level of challenge you want from

 ( )None, ( )Low, ( )Medium or ( )High.

You can also ask the Trainer/ee to give you specific Challenges that you want to practice with.

Go to this Google Doc and Write down some facilitator challenges you have had, or anticipate and are concerned about.

Facilitator Challenges Added by Participants https://j.mp/3grmoOM

Here is a video example of a (x)High Challenge

This was facilitating an Empathy Circle in the middle of a Left versus Right political demonstration in Berkeley, California. The entire core of the demonstration came into our Empathy Tent. We had the leader from the Right and a person from the Left in the Empathy Circle. Outside were members of the Left trying to shut down the Empathy Circle. You don't see it, but there were over 100 police behind the tent.

Yes, it can get even more challenging. 


Here is another Left-Right Empathy Circle Mediation that we did in Los Angeles, California at an Impeach Trump rally. We facilitated 6 pairs of Left-Right participants and they all ended with hugs between participants. It’s part of a documentary: Trumphobia: what both sides fear | Documentary Trailer – see to end,.