7.04 Trainers

Subject: Empathy Circle Cohort 7 Trainers meeting: 30 minutes before start of Session

Greetings Lou, Bill, Dave, Leona, Rita and Sue

Just a reminder our Trainers group starts 30 minutes before todays training.

Sue, while you are not one of the 'official' Trainees, you could sit in as well.

Todays trainer script is at: 


Session 1

Date: Wednesday Nov 18, 3pm PST  = Thursdays, Nov 19, 10am AEST (Times)

Time: 3 pm PT/6pm ET,  10 am AEST* - *Australia, NZ is next day.

Trainers - 2:30pm PT - 9:30am AET

You can also see this page 4: https://j.mp/3m4Owtp

for how I set up the Break Out Groups

We have 21 total participants. I will join a different trainer for each session and record their breakout group.

Looking forward to seeing you their..