Project: Challenges

Project: Building the Empathy Circle Facilitator Challenges Catalog

Assignment: Adopt a Challenge

One of the assignments for Trainers and Trainees in a 5 week training Cohort is to take a Facilitation Challenge and write it up. 


Assignment and Task For Trainers/Trainees: Describing a Challenge

If you are an Empathy Circle Trainee (where you’re helping to train other facilitators) over your training sessions in week 3 & 4 we invite you to pick one challenge in the list below (for each week, 2 in total), and write an example script or description of how you would move through a challenge if it came up in your circle. Please be as clear, concise and complete as possible with your descriptions, we are building this challenges & tips handbook together! So make sure your descriptions are fully comprehensible to someone reading this for the first time.  (You can put your name next to the Challenge you are working on.)

Please pick a challenge that someone has not yet attempted to write a response to, so that together we can get on the same page about addressing challenges in an Empathic way and guide other facilitators to do the same. Of course no challenge or response is prescriptive! We will each choose to respond in our own empathic way, the below responses are only meant to be examples.

Assignment Process