SUBJECT: COHORT 13C:  Session 3 Assignments: 1). Survey 2). Challenges 3). Facilitate Circle  4). Buddy Call


Cohort  13.C Links:  Building a Culture of Empathy Together


Here are assignments to do before the next Session.

1. Fill Out Session Feedback Survey Session Feedback: 

http://bit.ly/Feedback-Cohort13C Please submit feedback regarding the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Session that you have just completed. Post any questions and we will try to address them in the beginning of the next Session. 

2. Review and Document Empathy Circle Facilitation Challenges. Challenges Catalog:
Here is a list of facilitation challenges you may encounter
You can review these before the next Session. When you facilitate your Empathy Circle you will be able to dial up the level of challenge you want from

( )None,  ( )Low,  ( )Medium 

Write down some facilitator challenges you have had or anticipate. You can write at the end of the Challenges this document.  https://j.mp/3grmoOM

Here is a video example of a (x)High Challenge
This was Edwin facilitating  an empathy circle  at a pollical demonstration between the political left and right at the University of California at Berkeley.

3. Hold an Empathy Circle with Family or Friends.
Try to facilitate an Empathy Circle with family, friends, etc. before the next Session. You just need to find 3 more participants. Sometimes it is hard to get them to take part. One way is to say you have this assignment for a workshop and it would be a big help to you if they took part.

Here Are Some Different Versions of the "How To Empathy Circle" Instructions.   http://bit.ly/EC-How

And/Or Hold a One on One Empathic Listening with Family or Friends.
See this assignment instructions: https://j.mp/3dPElI7
This assignment is to empathically listen to someone for an entire hour. If you are not able to find people to hold an Empathy Circle with, this could be an alternative exercise or in addition to that.  You empathically listen to someone just like in the Empathy Circle, but for a full hour. So to be clear, you are not taking turns like in an Empathy Circle, but are just listening for the full hour.

> Report back on how it went in the next Session.

4. Your Next Empathy Buddy Call.
For more on support and the Buddy Call see,

1. Trainer  - Ann Jordanannjordan@protonmail.com

Gary M Barkergary@streetroots.org  - Portland USA

 2. Trainer: Bill Filler - paddlinman@yahoo.com - SF Bay, USA

  Faithful Iroh -  ambfaithful.uz@gmail.com  -  Owerri, Nigeria

3.  Trainer:  Selene Aitkenselene.aitken@gmail.com - Oregon

Mehaboobali Soppadla  - mssoppadla@gmail.com - Banglore, India 

5.  Trainee: Ralph Galen RalphGalen@gmail.com 

 Donny Saddleback - saddleback1@outlook.com - Camrose Canada 

 6. Trainee: Larry LawhornLarry@EcoDelMar.org - Florida Tel: 754-703-1011

Trainer: Lou Zweier  lou.zweier@gmail.com   - SF Bay, USA 

7. Trainee:   Linda Bass adr4u2@gmail.com - Keller TX   

Kendria Taylor - Kendriatg@outlook.com - Arlington TX 

8.  Trainee: Prasanna Kapoor - prasannakapoor@gmail.com  

Alfred Ramirez - aramirezdsn@gmail.com - East Moline, IL

 9 Trainee: Cynthia Ganote  - cynthiaganote@gmail.com - Louisville Kentucky USA  

Melinda Duplichan - mdduplichan@gmail.com - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

10  Trainee:  Evelyn Riera - evelynriera@yahoo.de Offenbach/M., Germany

 Sally Rodeman - rodemanresources@yahoo.com - Cathey's Valley CA

11 Trainee:  Adelina Sora  - adelina.sora@yahoo.com  - Bucharest, Romania

Rosie Yeung  rosie@changinglenses.ca - Toronto, ON, Canada

12 Trainee: Joell Bradshaw - joellbradshaw@gmail.com  - Oregon, US

Meghí ní Domhnaill - celticfire@tutanota.com - Portland, Maine

13 Vicenç Rullanvrullan@gmail.com  - Palma (Mallorca, Spain)

Dominica Barber - dominica@stayaponi.com - Loreto, Mexico

14 Christine Carino - christinec@consciousthrive.com  - New York, USA

Kathleen Young - kathleen@youngmediationassociates.com - Beverly, MA USA

15  Regina Simpkins rsimpkins09@gmail.com -  Berkeley, CA 

Melissa Fernandez   drmelissafernandez20@gmail.com - Union City, CA