009 Feedback

Greetings Training Team


Here are some notes for how to do the

Trainers Scripts: Step 2: Feedback Comments

In Step 2, A trainer has about 5 minutes to answer questions after the check-ins.

Right now the feedback Section is

Session 2: ??

Session 3:   ??

Session 4:  ??

Session 5:   ??


To gather questions, the person doing this step should check

a)  well in advance if there are any questions in the feedback form.

b)  if you heard any questions in the last Session that could be answered.

c) Listen to the participant check-ins and if there are questions there that could be answered.

1. Here is the Cohort form with the Feedback


2. Open this link ???? (Open Admin Section.)

It will take you to the administrator view.

Click on the (Responses) Button and view the responses.

Especially check the Question: What questions do you have about the training and about facilitating Empathy Circles? (We will try to answer these at the beginning of the next Session in the Feedback Section)

3. Open this Google Doc: http://bit.ly/ECircleFAQ

** For the trainer doing the FEEDBACK.  Add the questions and answers to this FAQ **.

Write each question here. Add your name, the cohort and as much of an answer as possible.

The will help us with creating the FAQ Catalog (Frequently Asked Questions) and Facilitation Challenges.


Sample Entry

Cohort and Session: The cohort # and the Session #. ( ie Cohort 12.D S2)

Question: What is the  question that is asked? 

Name: Your name: ie the person doing the feedback

Date:   Today's date

Answer:  Write as much of  the answer here as you can. 

4. During the Pre-Session, check with the other trainers about the Question/Answers

Get any ideas from the team.


5. Answer the questions for about 5 minutes