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Subject: Reminder Cohort ???: Empathy Circle Training: Session 4


Building a Culture of Empathy Together

Starting On TimeCome up to 5 minutes early so we can start right on time. We have a full agenda so we really want to start on time. 


Our next Session is coming up

Zoom  https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

Date: ????????? Time: ?????????

Remember to Fill Out Session Feedback Survey from last week.  

 Review of the Challenges  - Write down some facilitator challenges you have had or anticipate. 

You can write it at the end of this document.  https://j.mp/3grmoOM  


Session In Brief

Welcome Back by Trainers

Participant Check-in Report Back

Facilitating an Empathy Circle with Challenges

Debrief and Q/A


Join the Facebook Empathy Circle Facilitator Support Group

This is a private Facebook Group for individuals that are in the process or have done the facilitator training. 

Click on the link to join the group.

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