15 Chall.

Subject: Cohort 9C Assignment- Documenting an Empathy Circle Facilitation Challenge

Greetings Cohort 9C

I hope you Empathy Buddy Calls and Empathy Circles are going well.

Remember the Assignment: Review and Document Empathy Circle Facilitation Challenges.

( ) 1. Here is a list of facilitation challenges you may encounter

You can review the Challenges Catalog these before the next Session. When you facilitate your Empathy Circle you will be able to dial up the level of challenge you want from ( )None, ( )Low, ( )Medium or ( )High.

( ) 2. Write down some facilitator challenges you have had or anticipate.

at: https://j.mp/3grmoOM

Write at least one challenge that concerns you. We are developing a process to document challenges and incorporate them into the Challenges Catalog. This is a work in process and your documentation will help develop it.

This is the format to you === Challenge Report Heading ==============

Challenge Title:

    • Your Name: Your name

    • Your Cohort: Your name Cohort

    • Date: Todays Date.

    • Role: the role the challenge applies to: Facilitator - Participants - Listener - Speaker - Silent Listener -or- Other

    • Detailed Description: A detailed explanation of the challenge. If you have had personal experience with this challenge share the story.

=== Sample Challenge Report ==============

Challenge Title: The listener reflects back what they heard with judgment or sarcasm?

    • Your Name: Anita Nowak

    • Your Cohort: Cohort 8A

    • Date: March 10, 2020

    • Role: Listener

    • Detailed Description: I am imagining a circumstance in which the listener reflects back what they heard with judgment or sarcasm. I feel concerned about how to address that.