503: How to get a group to do an Empathy Circle?

How to grow and get a group to do an Empathy Circle?

There were several people that talked about the challenge of doing that. That's actually something that I think we want to have an Empathy Café on and really hear people's ideas about that.

My own thinking at this stage is use Edwin's suggestion that he gives in his email. Say, "I am taking a class and I have an assignment to hold an empathy circle Would you please help me do my assignment."

Usually people are willing to help you accomplish something, whereas if you just say, "Oh, there's this wonderful Empathy Circle, come and talk, we'll listen to each other. They're less certain what that is. They don't know what they would talk about, they're frightened of that. But helping you do an assignment they're much more likely to agree to take part and help you out.

Question:  How to get a group to do a circle?

Name: Raised from feedback

Date:   28.04.2021

Video:  https://youtu.be/JegbEYr7uhc

Answer:  We are looking for ideas. One of the best things to do is to use Edwin’s suggestion of it being an assignment you want help with. Consider offering 1 to 1 listening to people and then see if they are willing to come together for a circle?