12.01 Welcome

Subject: Welcome To Cohort 12B Module 1: Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitator Training


You Signed up for Cohort 12B. see http://bit.ly/Cohort12B-SignUp

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Welcome and Greetings from the Past Cohort 12A

1. Here is Confirmed Participants Contacts Info

These are the confirmed participants. Let me know if there are any errors. We still have room for a few more participants. Invite others.

  1. Producer: Edwin Rutsch - EdwinRutsch@gmail.com - SF Bay

  2. Trainer: Bil Filler - paddlinman@yahoo.com - SF Bay

  3. Trainer: Timothy Regan timothy@rememberingconnection.com - SF BAy

  4. Trainee: Bee Kreigh bee.kreigh@pandemicprofessors.org Chardon, OH - Pandemic Professors

  5. Trainee: Dominic Masotto dlmasotto@berkeley.edu Burlingame, CA - Pandemic Professors

  6. Elizabeth Vos voselizabeth22@gmail.com Indianapolis, USA - Pandemic Professors

  7. Giulia Cantini giulia.cantini@pandemicprofessors.org Milan, Italy - Pandemic Professors

  8. Daniel Chung - gchung88.gc@gmail.com CA, USA - Pandemic Professors

  9. Lauren Burger - laurennburger@gmail.com - Corona, CA - Pandemic Professors

  10. Noor Khan nk46588@gmail.com Pandemic Professors Fridley, U.S

  11. Harini Sekar harini.sekar@pandemicprofessors.org

  12. Aske Ploug askeploug@gmail.com London

  13. Justine Prignot Justine_prignot@yahoo.fr, London

  14. Jerome Canaguier jerome.canaguier@orange.fr

  15. Mona Abdelhady maa372@pitt.edu , Indian,PA Pandemic Professors.

  16. Apoorva Vasan apoorva.vasan@pandemicprofessors.org Raleigh, NC Pandemic Professors

  17. Lala Liu lalayiheliu@gmail.com, Philadelphia

  18. Elina Nakarmi nepaltheatrelab@gmail.com, Nepal

  19. Francesca Castellano sisqag@gmail.com Toronto, Canada Pandemic Professors

2. Review Course Time Commitment

Before taking the training, we would like you to be aware of the time commitment involved.

Please commit to the times.

If you can't, let me know.

Here is the Time Commitment

  • 2.5 hrs. per week for 5 Weeks. Course Sessions

  • 30+ min. per week: Empathy Buddy Call - Do your best to hold a 30 min call with one fellow participant per week to practice mutual empathic listening and support. It will take a bit of time for you to schedule these calls as well. We will match you up with a different participant each week.

  • 1+ hrs. per week: Facilitate an Empathy Circle: Optional - try your best to host and facilitate an Empathy Circle with family, friends, coworkers, between Sessions.

  • 1+ hr. per course: Developing a Facilitator Challenge Report(s): Each participants will write up and process at least one Challenge Report.

There is limited space in each cohort and we usually have a wait list. Be aware that you are taking a spot that someone else could have had. We have a fixed ratio of trainers/trainees to participants. ie. 1 trainer to 3 participants. if you do not attend it impacts the group by throwing off the group size and timings.

Emergences can come up and we have understanding for that. i.e., family, heath, work, etc. issues. Just do your best to hold the time commitment.

4. Please Familiarize Yourself with the Course Website


5. We will send more updates soon.



Edwin Rutsch

Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy