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Email 2: Cohort 12.D Update: Module 1: Session 1 begins Saturday, November 20 (+First Assignment)

Greetings Dear Cohort 12.D Participants,

We are looking forward to your participation in Empathy Circle Facilitation Training this week and working together to build a more empathic, open, and caring world together.

All Session Location are in Zoom:

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DATE: ???

Empathy Circle Facilitation Training
Module 1: Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilita

We have the final list of confirmed participants. See;

Greetings From the Previous Cohort

First Assignment:

Values of a Culture of Empathy and Your Values
In Session 1, we will discuss the values of a Culture of Empathy.
See some of the values here:
As soon as possible go to this link at Mentimeter and add your own personal 3 most important values.
You will see this screen.. just add your 3 most important values and click submit.
Let me know if you have questions. See you there.

Voting Link: https://www.menti.com/m27sh1ce6q

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