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Email Description: An invitation to all the past training participants to join a new cohort.


SUBJECT:  Invitation To Join Cohort 9 Starting: Wednesdays, February 10 -10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT/ 7pm CEST


I wanted to let those that have taken part in the Facilitator Training  know that there is a new Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Cohort 9 forming.

see https://bit.ly/ECCOURSE

Train the Trainers:  If you have taken the training before, you can take it again to deepen you skills, and work towards becoming a trainer. The more times you take the training the better.  Here are the details. I hope you can join us in this cohort. Also share with your friends. 

COHORT 9 - Empathy Circle Facilitation Training

Signup: https://j.mp/2LkE18K

Times: 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT/ 7pm CEST (2.5 hours) (World Times)


( ) Session 1: Wednesdays, February 10

( ) Session 2: Wednesdays, February 17

( ) Session 3: Wednesdays, February 24

( ) Session 4: Wednesdays, March 3

( ) Session 5: Wednesdays, March 10

Here is a new article about the training by Zainab Kakal

Learning on the go: my experience with empathy circles for system sensing and building connection

"It got me curious and I signed up to do a few sessions using their Empathy Circle methodology. Based on the work of Carl Rogers, empathy circles use a structured conversation technique to bridge social, personal, and political divides. You can talk about the most contentious topics or whatever is alive for you and you will be fully heard and the gift that it is, it gives you an opportunity to offer others the same listening ear. Needless to say, it was a nourishing experience and I loved how simple yet magical the conversations were.""