2. Where Facilitate?

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles?










responses 20

I don't know yet

In my family (with my mom, sister, and probably cousins). In my workplace with some trusted colleagues.

Work place

Wherever there is interest in my community. Ideally UC Merced.

In organisations

Everywhere, starting with my community.

Any place i get a chance

Stated above.

Anywhere where it is needed

Bay area

Online, in-person in my community, in my fitness/wellness programs

Corporates , educational institutes and open house audience and communities

Global, Zoom

During these times of a global crisis that prevents physical gatherings, I would love to be able to bring this impulse to people digitally. For in-person encounters, I would definitely love to facilitate Empathy Circles during protests and exhibitions to help the public/audience process what ever may be unfolding before them.

Brisbane West

Canada and the Middle East

In the UAE and in India.


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I would like to facilitate Empathy Circles both in organizations (in the corporate world) as well as with fellow psychotherapists or people without a background in psychotherapy but who want to find out more about empathy

With Zoom... anywhere!

On zoom for now.

Viet Nam both offline and online

On campus at Michigan State University, through zoom until we are able to reopen. Theen in small group setting throughout campus.

Not sure yet

I have to learn more about EC / UK + Hungary


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In India, I would like to hold empathy cafes once I am more experienced in facilitation.

I volunteer at a prison with women inmates and want to offer circles there. I run a community nonprofit for youth and would like to bring pop up empathy circles to community events and farmer markets. I would like to teach the youth to facilitate a circle ( perhaps you may offer training as well for youth in the future) so that they can do peer to peer circles at the community events and perhaps in the school. I also volunteer on a suicide and crisis hotline and would like to bring circles to the staff as we do not have a structured format to be able to process our own experiences on the hotline. I am also interested in bringing circles to the political arena both locally and state

In my living room

In Bucharest, Romania


Local XR groups; NVC groups; community meetings talking about the climate emergency; community meetings sharing about the huge effect of covid19 policies on people's lives; groups of people with emotional or mental challenges/disabilities/behavior problems etc. etc.; meetings where people talk about the palestinian-israeli conflict; hopefully everywhere else in my country, especially in groups where there's conflict


In my community in India. I run a non profit that works on women's rights and in particular sexual and gender based violence. We need a lot of empathy to work with survivors and help them through their trauma.

I would like to facilitate it within my community / online, in Germany and in Brazil, especially on LGBTIQ+ and racial issues

Online and with various gatherings once the pandemic has improved.

Online, for now

Predominantly in XRA circles.

In my community, within XR.


I don't know yet

I don't know.


Via Zoom or hopefully face to face in the future

I am based in the UK, but would ideally like to do them internationally in areas experiencing conflict, political division, or tensions, in line with my career in international relations.

My community

I lead an online community of diverse social impact changemakers and I think it could be a helpful tool to bring that community together

I worked in 3 different counties

Berlin and Online (German language)


responses  10

I would like to facilitate Empathy Circles at The Stoa, in other online "we spaces", with underserved parts of my community in Brooklyn, with voices who tend to be lacking a platform to speak, with my students in my classrooms and with colleagues, with my family and friends, in conflict resolution, at festivals (once those happen again) . . .

The Stoa, Rebel Wisdom

Exeter UK and Devon but potentially the whole south west England via XR and other networks. Also with my fellow counselling students.

At HCDExchange

On zoom and possibly in my home when we're not having a pandemic.

community and in workshop

Local Spiritual Assembly, Community groups, business groups


in my community, in my town.

Neighborhood, political divides, family, businesses


responses 26

Currently online, but once enough people are vaccinated in person among climate justice activists.

In and around northern New Mexico

I am working on same issue in my country India.



In my workshops, especially with participants with high conflict

Dubai, UAE

London / Online

Here in Iraq as well as in America (where I live in the summers).

Unsure. Perhaps in some of the clubs or organizations that I am involved with.

In companies, universities and for my coaching clients.

Anywhere, Online, At the library, at Cabrillo College where I work

In Sthlm

SF Bay


Based in Windsor, ON. Most likely online, there physical location is not a constraint,

Marin Couty

My school community

within my naturopathic practice and possibly within other organizations

Local Spiritual Assembly, Community groups, business groups

Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada and across Canada

To start with, probably with my friends as a practice, but am interested in using the skills where useful and when and where I am able.

Marin and northern SF

currently I think mostly of: my local xr group (face-to-face within the city, to help with emotional debrifings, and nourish the connections), and with my immediate circle of friends (to connect with each other more)

In my surrounding community and also via web anywhere.


Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park

Work, neighbohood, City and State level.




I teach NVC classes and would add this piece. Or, anywhere I can.

Bangalore , india

Online and around town

1.Amongst older women. 2.Those with caring responsibilities


In my community or wherever is needed.

Not sure...maybe online but preferably in real life once that's possible...would love to start a Sacred Activists support house where circles like this are offered

Anywhere since everything has gone online and virtual today! Physical proximity is no issue.


anywhere, everywhere, mostly East Bay

On zoom


Norwich & online

Work with families and children

Between teachers, parents and students to build understanding about ways that we can transform the education system. In other contexts where potential contentious and complex socioeconomic and political ideas need collective input, understanding and commitment; and with family and friends

Online, in schools, in businesses and with families

XR Chapters, XR Regional

Dtes Vancouver

Online as part of my Purposeful Empathy work.

All Denmark


At work and outside

online on Zoom; open to an international community of all-comers in healthcare who express a need

I may be willing to facilitate on Zoom as well.

Enhance my skills as a supervisor (Planning Section Chief)

Locally, Virtually.

Mostly online for now.

Online for now, hopefully in person in future, for both XR America, Money Rebellion team, & possibly for XR Global Support should the need arise.

At The Stoa, and elsewhere.

Online and in Berlin. Some for XR, some I hope to develop independently.

During the workshops I host. Hopefully, in the future, in my workplace as well. Even with family members or friends.


In Uganda here

Galway Ireland, and online

Here locally in Calgary, and wherever I move to after I finish my studies. I've also been thinking about doing empathy circles with my international network of contacts online.

Wherever - Boston or virtually.

online in XR - São Paulo and XR Brazil, and anywhere in Brazil if s.o. whishes so. According to my work timetable. and in the Community in Germany where I will live 2 or 3 Years from now!



Calgary, and possibly online

Australia in person, online



In schools

I have done creative empathy work at conferences, work, and with schools.



Online at them oment, later locally and possible XR

anywhere, mostly Bay Area


Within Extinction Rebellion and especially with Groups from Africa

Online and in person. At school for children and parents, at church, in city, in remote areas... basically wherever I can.

In Uganda

Online and in person in Leeds

In Myanmar, especially for adolescents

Houston texas


Wigan, England or online

At work

Online at present, and probably locally, or around XR at a later date.

SF Bay area, online

AV and online

online in English and Russian

I live in Midtown. I'm thinking in the local parks or local farmer markets once the covid pandemic allows for more in person interaction.

First in France but I’m planning to run some ECs for the French speaking countries... and especially in Africa


Ireland and worldwide


Online, Streets, farmer’s markets, at social gatherings once they’re allowed

I am trying to start an destination called Empathy Floor. It would be a place for adolescents and adults who are willing to do empathy practices.


Schools and possibly other community areas.

Online and offline.

Online right now, to support the enviornmental groups.

Online and in person in Ottawa

Zoom, and live in Melbourne

In my country Cameroon

Online, In my school, potentially in the community


Online and my community.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA