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Email #4:

SUBJECT:  COHORT 12.C: Session 2 Assignments: 1). Survey  2). Facilitate Circle 3). Buddy Call  4). How To  5). Promote Cohort


Building a Culture of Empathy Together

Greetings Dear Participants,

Here are assignments to do before the next Session

Our Values

1. Fill Out Session Feedback Survey   

Please submit feedback regarding the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Session that you have just completed. Post any questions and we will try to address them in the beginning of the next Session.

Cohort 12.C Session Feedback

2. Hold an Empathy Circle with Family or Friends.

Try to facilitate an Empathy Circle with family, friends, etc. before the next Session. You just need to find 3 more participants. Sometimes it is hard to get them to take part. One way is to say you have this assignment for a workshop and it would be a big help to you if they took part.

Here Are Some Different Versions of the "How To Empathy Circle" Instructions.   http://bit.ly/EC-How 

And/Or Hold a One on One Empathic Listening with Family or Friends.

See this assignment instructions: https://j.mp/3dPElI7 

This assignment is to empathically listen to someone for an entire hour. If you are not able to find people to hold an Empathy Circle with, this could be an alternative exercise or in addition to that.  You empathically listen to someone just like in the Empathy Circle, but for a full hour. So to be clear, you are not taking turns like in an Empathy Circle, but are just listening for the full hour. 

> Report back on how it went in the next Session.

Share your approach for getting participants to take part and any challenges.

3. Empathy Buddy Call.

Your Empathy Buddy Call: Facilitator Community and Mutual Support 

For more on support see, http://j.mp/EmpathyBuddy

Part of being an Empathy Circle facilitator is to be part of a community and to have mutual support with other facilitators. You can support each other when you host Empathy Circles, Cafes, and other projects. As a facilitator, it is important to have as much personal support as possible.

We have paired you up with someone else in the training Cohort. (Every week we will pair you with a different participant.) Between now and the next Session, connect (email) with that person. Schedule a 30 minute mutual support call on Zoom or Skype, etc.  Feel free to do it longer if you have the time and inclination. (If scheduling doesn’t work for this time, don’t worry about it. Just do your best.)

In the call:

Person 1 gets 15 minutes to talk about their experience in the training while Person 2 empathically listens.

Talk about:

Then switch roles and Person 2 talks for 15 minutes and Person 1 empathically listens.

> Report back at the next Session how it went?

Your Empathy Buddies this Week

1.Trainer: Bill Filler - paddlinman@yahoo.com -  SF Bay, CA, USA

Shannon McIntyre - slmcintyre.phd@gmail.com - Brattleboro, VT

2. Trainer: Selene Aitken - selene.aitken@gmail.com -  Ashland, Oregon, USA

Stephen Landau - landau.stephen@gmail.com - Santa Fe NM US  

3. Trainer: Rasha Kutty rasha@theempathyuniversity.com - Bangalore, India

Afrah Shareef - afrahnshareef@gmail.com - Calicut, INDIA

4. Trainer: Graham Berends - grahamberends@gmail.com - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

LINDA  BASS -  adr4u2@gmail.com  - DFW TX , USA 

5. Francesca Castellano - fcastellano808@hotmail.com - Toronto, Ontario

Aljazi Al-Mubarak - Aljazi.mub@gmail.com - Khobar, Saudi Arabia

6. Ralph Galen - ralphgalen@gmail.com - Massachusetts, USA

Tiffany Mitchell - tiffanyunlimited@yahoo.com - Kansas city Missouri

7. Kathy L Kidd  - kathy@peacealliance.org - Houston TX

Shyam Prasad - 88.shyampr@gmail.com - Bangalore, India 

8. Mona Abdelhady maa372@pitt.edu - Pittsburgh, PA  

 Michelle Grogan - fairygoodlistener@gmail.com - Pickering, ON, Canada 

9. Kevin Patterson  - Kaven19@outlook.com  - Philadelphia 

Raed Hamzeh - raed.hamzeh@gmail.com - Phoenix Arizona, USA 

10. Martina Dittmar  martinahaines@gmail.com   - Surry, Me , USA

Jacqueline Roche - ispeakcompassion@gmail.com  - Cape Town, South Africa 

4.  Giving the Empathy Circle How To.

Next Week you will give the basic instructions for How to Take Part in an Empathy Circle.

You can review them here.


5.   Invite Friends to Take Part in Training Cohorts 

You can help grow the empathy movement. We ask Participants, Trainees and Trainers to help promote this Cohort Series so that we can keep it full and growing from Cohort to Cohort.  

We want to keep this cohort series going especially with the Pandemic Professors.

Review this page.  https://sites.google.com/site/ecftrainings/references/promotion 

> Report back at the next Session how it went?