09.08 4b

Subject: Reminder Cohort 9.B: Empathy Circle Training: Session 4


Building a Culture of Empathy Together


Our next Session is coming up

Zoom https://zoom.us/j/9896109339 Session 4: Wednesdays, April 07 (World Times)

10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm UK/ 7pm CEST (2.5 hour

Review of the Challenges - Write down some facilitator challenges you have had or anticipate.

You can write it at the end of this document. https://j.mp/3grmoOM

Session In Brief

Welcome Back by Trainers

Participant Check-in Report Back

  • Any Questions Comments?

  • How was Empathy Buddy Call?

  • How was any Empathy Circle you facilitated?

Facilitating an Empathy Circle with Challenges

Debrief and Q/A


  1. Fill Out Session Feedback Survey

  2. Facilitator Mutual Support and Empathy Buddy Assignment.

  3. Hold an Empathy Circle During the Week

  4. Invite Others to Take the Training

Join the Facebook Empathy Circle Facilitator Support Group

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