8.05 Sess. 3a


COHORT 8: Post Session 2 Assignments: 1). Survey 2). Challenges 3). Facilitate Circle  4). Buddy Call


Here are assignments to do before the next Session 3.

1. Fill Out Session 2 Feedback Survey   

Please submit feedback regarding the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Session that you have just completed, including feedback on Session structure, content, and instructors.


2. Review and Document Empathy Circle Facilitation Challenges.

Here is a list of facilitation challenges you may encounter: https://j.mp/3grmoOM

You can review these before the next Session.  When you facilitate your Empathy Circle you will be able to dial up the level of challenge you want from ( )None, ( )Low, ( )Medium or ( )High.

Write down some facilitator challenges you have had or anticipate.

You can write it on Page 4 of this document.  https://j.mp/3grmoOM 

Share at the beginning of the check in at the next session.

Here is an example of a  (x)High

Yes, it can get even more challenging. 


3. Hold an Empathy Circle with Family or Friends.

Try to facilitate an Empathy Circle with family, friends, etc. before the next Session. You just need to find 3 more participants. Sometimes it is hard to get them to take part. One way is to say you have this assignment for a workshop and it would be a big help to you if they took part. Here Are Some Different Versions of the "How To Empathy Circle" Instructions.   http://bit.ly/EC-How

Report back on how it went in the next Session. 

Share your approach for getting participants to take part and any challenges.

4. Your Next Empathy Buddy Call.

For more on support see,


We have paired you up with someone else in the training. Between now and the next Session, connect with that person you have been parted up with. Have a 30 minute mutual support call on Zoom or Skype, etc. 

Post Session 2: Your Empathy Buddies

Report back at the beginning of the next Session how it went?