About Empathy

Empathy Reference Links

Empathy Circle Events Calendar
A list of upcoming Empathy Cafes and Circles. You can check here to take part in Empathy Circles to meet the 3 Circle requirement for taking part in the training.

A gateway website for the Empathy Circle process.

The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy website. Has hundreds of interviews with empathy experts from around the world.

Facebook Culture of Empathy Page
The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy Facebook page. Has over 30,000 Subscribers.

A website about the Empathy Tent project.

Empathy Training Literature Review
A site for links to academic papers and studies about Empathy, Empathy Training, Benefits, Criticisms, Definitions, etc.

Empathy Circle Magazine
A Scoop-It magazine that with over 8,000 articles about empathy sorted in 15 different categories.