5.3 Session 3

 Module 1: Session 3 Assignments: A. Feedback and  B. Facilitator Support:  Facilitator Empathy Buddy Calls

Greetings Empathy Revolutionaries  J

Here are the preparations from next week’s Session 3.

watch: Jane Fonda "listen with empathy...

Empathy, I have learned, is revolutionary! "


This is the Cohort 5 course website.  It is in development.


There are links under Xtra References to the

1.    Values list,

2.    How to Empathy Circle, - review for Session 3

3.    Facilitation Challenges, , - review for Session 3

4.    Facilitator Community and Mutual Support – has link to Friday Facilitators support group

5.    etc.




A. Fill Out Session 2 Feedback Survey  https://bit.ly/2RV9JsG

Each Session Feedback: Please submit feedback regarding the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Session that you have just completed, including feedback on Session structure, content, and instructors. This helps us better address the needs of participants and develops the training.


B. Facilitator Community and Mutual Support

For more on support see,



Assignment: Facilitator Community and Mutual Support

Part of being an Empathy Circle facilitator is to be part of a community and have mutual support with other facilitators. That is so you can support each other when you host Empathy Circles, Cafes, and other projects. As a facilitator, it is important to have as much personal support as possible. Follow the link for more about facilitator support. 


We have paired you up with someone else in the training. Between now and the next Session 3, connect with that person you have been parted up with. Have a 30 minute mutual support call on Zoom or Skype, etc. 


Person 1 gets 15 minutes to talk about their experience in the training while Person 2 empathically listens. Talk about:

·         What is your experience so far in the training?

·         What are your expectations, etc.?

·         Or just talk about what is alive for you?


switch roles and Person 2 talks for 15 minutes and Person 1 empathically listens.

Don’t worry about it if you are not able to work it into your schedules between these Sessions. Just do your best.



Partners For Post Session 2 Empathy Buddy  call





Edwin Rutsch

Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy