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Subject: Reminder Cohort ???: Empathy Circle Training: Final Session 5


Building a Culture of Empathy Together



See you shortly in

Session 5: Mondays, August 16 (World Times)

10am PT / 1pm ET 6pm BST / 7pm CET

Starting On TimeCome up to 5 minutes early so we can start right on time. We have a full agenda so we really want to start on time.

Empathy Circle Training: Final Session 5

Building a Culture of Empathy

In our first Session, we spoke of creating a Culture of Empathy and placing Empathy at the center of such a culture. Important core values would be Empathy, Mutuality, Openness and Care. See more at: http://j.mp/CoEValues This is not meant as an exhaustive listing of all the values of a Culture of Empathy, but are a few core values that we see as promoting this culture. You might have other words or understandings of these values, and that’s fine.

Consider the Question: How do you see the Empathy Circle practice beginning to build a culture of empathy in your world and in the world at large?

Session In Brief


    • Any questions, comments, etc. from the last session? and/or,

    • How was the Empathy Buddy call? and/or,

    • Any short report from facilitating an Empathy Circle this last week? and/or,

    • Any short report from inviting others to take part in the training.

Empathy Circle:

  • What did you like about the training and what do you see as the benefits?

  • Any ideas for improving the Training?

  • What will you do next with Empathy Circles?

  • Or whatever is alive for you


  1. Fill Out Empathy Circle Facilitation Training Course: Evaluation & Feedback

  2. Facilitator Mutual Support and Empathy Buddy Assignment.

  3. Hold an Empathy Circle During the Week

  4. Invite Others to Take the Training