7.  Tips

Empathy Circle Facilitation Tips.

How to Facilitate more effectively?

Try to keep empathic presence.  Model it.

We are all equal in the empathy circle, including the Facilitator.

The facilitator, if there is one, is an equal participant in the circle. Meaning they are part of the circle, and are not separate. The main purpose of the role is to help hold the structure and process. They can be called on to be a listener.  Everyone has the responsibility to hold and maintain the process.  

Avoid Over Facilitation

Try not to over facilitate.  In fact, there is virtually no facilitation needed if all participants are familiar with the practice.

Informing Participant

Try to inform participants about different aspects by speaking to the person when it is your turn to speak.

Instead of explaining to the person directly as a facilitator, when it is your turn to be a speaker, select the person who you want to inform, and then tell them what you want to convey.  Get a reflection from them.  

(see Video) Discussed in Cohort 12B S4

Show Examples.