09.02 Trainee1

Subject: Cohort 9B Trainers and Trainees

Greetings Cohort 9B Trainers and Trainees


Our Cohort 9B starts this Wednesday

We have 3 trainers, 4 trainees and 1 floater.

 For some reason we only have 6 participants. 4 of those have done the training before.

So we will have to rotate roles. As a trainee in some circles you may be facilitating,  or cofacilitating with a trainer, or be a participant in others.  You will have a chance to present different sections of the training.

Note the Times

If you are in Europe, and UK there will be some time changes with Daylight savings.

 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm UK/ 6pm CEST (2.5 hours) (World Times)


In this cohort we will talk more about how to promote the trainings and how to invite others to take part. It is a big part of holding empathy circles is to inspire people to take part. Also to host the trainings, we need to develop processes and ways to motivate people to take part.  Think about how to promote the trainings and bring your ideas to share. Try them out and report back to the training team.

Your To Do

1. Review the Train the Trainers section


2. start reviewing the Trainer Scripts for each cohort.

Training Team