5.5 Session 4

Strong Leadership: Module 1: Session 4 Assignments: (A). Feedback and  (2). Facilitator Support: Facilitator Empathy Buddy Calls

Greetings Empathy Circle Faciliators

Here are some assignments to do before the last Session 4.

1. Fill Out Session 1 Feedback Survey

Cohort 5: Session Evaluation & Feedback https://j.mp/2RV9JsG 

Please submit feedback regarding the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Session that you have just completed, including feedback on Session structure, content, and instructors.


2. Facilitator Community and Mutual Support Empathy Buddy Call

For more on Facilitator support see,


Assignment: Facilitator Community and Mutual Support

Part of being an Empathy Circle facilitator is to be part of a community and have mutual support with other facilitators. That is so you can support each other when you host Empathy Circles, Cafes, and other projects. As a facilitator, it is important to have as much personal support as possible.

 Follow the link for more about facilitator support. 

 This is the last Empathy Buddy call assignment. If you can't arrange it before the last Session, you can do it at any time after the last Session as well.


Empathy Buddy Session 3