Training Promotion

How to Promote Your Cohort and the Empathy Training?

You can help grow the empathy movement. We ask Participants, Trainees and Trainers to help promote this Cohort Series so that we can keep it full and growing from Cohort to Cohort.

Post You Ideas Here for Promoting the Training.

Here are ways you can help keep the Cohort growing and keep increasing your skills.

1. Take the Training Again, and Again and Again...

We want to give preference to participants already in the Cohort Series and their personal friends that they invite to take part in the next Cohort. If you would like to continue with the series, sign up as soon as possible. Once the spaces are taken, the Cohort is locked.

What role do you want to take in the next cohort? Your training in Module 1 is not completed until you can train others and produce trainings.

2. Personally Invite Your Friends

3. Promote to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Each Cohort Series has both a Facebook and LinkedIn Event about it.
See the examples here for the Cohort Series. 

Steps on Facebook and LinkedIn

Here are ways to spread the word about the next Cohorts in the Series.

4. Write an Article

Learning on the go: my experience with empathy circles for system sensing and building connection  by Zainab Kakal

5. Think of other ways to get the word out.