Subject: Reminder Cohort 12.D: Empathy Circle Training: Final Session 5

Building a Culture of Empathy Together
Cohort 12.D Saturdays Links

See you in the final Session of the training.
Starting On Time:
Come up to 5 minutes early so we can start right on time. We have a full agenda so we really want to start on time.


Session 5 In Brief
This week is an integration of your learnings, hearing your feedback about the training, and a discussion about your next steps. In addition, we will revisit the Values of a Culture of Empathy now that you have experienced the training.


      1. Any questions, comments, etc. from the last session? and/or,

      2. How was the Empathy Buddy call? and/or,

      3. Any short report from facilitating an Empathy Circle this last week? and/or,

      4. Any short report from inviting others to take part in the training.

Empathy Circle

    1. What did you like about the training and what do you see as the benefits?

    2. Any ideas for improving the Training?

    3. What will you do next with Empathy Circles?

    4. Or whatever is alive for you


  1. Fill Out Empathy Circle Facilitation Training Course: Evaluation & Feedback

  2. Facilitator Mutual Support and Empathy Buddy Assignment.

  3. Hold an Empathy Circle During the Week

  4. Invite Others to Take the Training