Open 025 - Participant objecting to the process.


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welcome to the empathy circle we've gone over the different roles on the you know the how-to and um so i encourage you to speak and to listen i'll keep time uh and i just want to let you know that if um if i correct you or anything it's not a personal you know opinion it's not a criticism of you or your ideas it's just to keep you in the process and that's sort of my job and that's what i struggle with so please uh celine go ahead okay so um let's see i'll talk about what i did last week and i went to visit my granddaughter my first grandchild i drove six hours to do that and i was so excited to meet her and but it turned out i couldn't even get closer than six feet away from her outside and i'm fully vaccinated and so it was very disappointing to me um and i'm 

i'm sad about that yeah so what i'm hearing celine is um you were really looking forward to meeting your new granddaughter and you traveled a long distance to see her made an effort to do that and that when you were not able to actually hold her or be close to her even though you're vaccinated that was you know very disappointing and it even hurt a little bit yeah is it possible we could just that's really a nice story i just wonder if you could just maybe open it up a little bit to just have more interactive i'm finding this a little slow and i really enjoy what you're saying celine but i had a lot of thoughts on it and i thought maybe we could just edward i'm gonna have to stop you there um yes i understand that and i enjoy discussions like that as well i he i hear that you're feeling um that this is a little slow and not interactive and not creative enough and i really hear this but um this is celine's time to talk and to be heard and i want to make sure that she has that so um if you could just stay and you can um voice these uh you know your ideas or whatever you want to say when it's your turn to be speaker you go ahead but i want to give celine her chance to be heard and lose chance to listen okay okay it's a little slow for me but i guess 

i'll just wait sure it's understandable i've felt that way at times as well it's all right go ahead please celine okay well i'll continue with my um feeling sad about and disappointed and like there's something dirty about me or something like that yeah so you it's not only that you feel sad and disappointed uh it's that like maybe you feel there's something wrong with you uh and like that you're dirty or something and that's upsetting yeah okay very end there so how was that uh it was a little simpler didn't sort of fight but you're our audience michelle yeah we're looking to you as the uh the evaluator here um i i thought that was really really good i thought it was excellent it was really like the the original first half of the scene was the same as before and this the second piece with the interrupt now was really both um it was really natural the interrupt and the the facilitation was very empathic like i could feel a heart connection between you could feel it'll connect to you make the correction bring you around the second time and then it just kind of dissipates it just felt really sweet that that was that's how it seemed to me i i i should have talked less i i i'm so one of a note to myself as i could have been a little bit sparser with my uh

 i was expecting you to object a second time uh but uh you didn't so that's okay um sometimes yeah i just want about the identification it seems like you're trying to identify with me uh bill instead of just empathize like oh i have those issues too right that sort of identification where the the strongest part is like oh i hear you saying this and then we just want to stay with the process with sort of my i mean i just noticed that in a few points wondering how how that resonates um uh yeah i mean you might characterize that obviously that didn't hit you the same way um but actually um i find that people feel somewhat judged and so when you put yourself in their position and that you felt the same way um that they that we're i'm going for common humanity but again in other words i see some people nodding here but not you so the key is just to kind of read the room and and get that and so i probably wouldn't have picked it up from just that little interaction but if that kept going going and you kind of hardened up edwin because when i said those things i'd try to be aware of that and change it   

Open 025