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SUBJECT: Introductory Empathy Cafes for the Empathy Training.

We are scaling up and adding more introductory Empathy Cafes for the Empathy Training. We have added Fridays.

Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Introduction

This is an introduction and orientation to the free Empathy Circle Facilitator Training. Learn to facilitate an Empathy Circle. Taking part counts as one empathy circle for the training requirement.

This is the most effective gateway practice for learning, practicing and deepening listening skills and an empathic way of being. It is foundational for building a more empathic culture and society.


Tuesday, Dec 29

Friday, Jan 01,

Friday, Jan 08,

Friday, Jan 15,

Friday, Jan 22,

Friday, Jan 29,

Tuesday, Feb 09

TIME: 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BT/ 7pm CET (2hr)

Location: Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

Before attending be sure to have seen the How To Empathy Circle Videos at http://bit.ly/EC-How

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2917679468466384/

Course: https://bit.ly/ECCOURSE