C9 Series

SUBJECT: Sign up now for the next Cohort 9B and 9C  

Greetings Dear Cohort 9 Community.

I wanted to share the new Cohort scheduling model we are developing. It's a work in progress. The Cohort 9 Series will continue indefinitely at this current time slot. (there will be slight shifts with daylight savings) We hope you will continue from Cohort to Cohort until you have become a trainer and have lead the training. We can also support you in creating a new Cohort Series. The best way to learn is to teach. If you become a trainer, you will learn more deeply.

Take the Training Again To:

COHORT 9 SERIES Here is the Cohort 9 Series schedule and signup links. Signup now before we open the Cohort to others.  Sign up soon, or you may lose the place since the Cohorts all fill up and have a wait list.

COHORT 9A:  FULL http://bit.ly/SignUpCohort9 

Times: 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT/ 7pm CET (2.5 hours) (World Times) (Note that daylight savings may shift global times)

COHORT 9B: Open  http://bit.ly/Cohort9B-SignUp 

COHORT 9C: Open http://bit.ly/Cohort9C-SignUp 

COHORT 9D: Open...

COHORT 9E: Open... COHORT 9F: Open...



Daylight Saving

 Note there will be time changes when Daylight saving times. We will use California Pacific Time (PST) as the consistent time since that is where most of the current trainers are now