Certificates of Completion

We have begun to give Certificates of Completion to the training participants. The Certificate attest that the participant attended all the Sessions and stayed for the full Session time. They completed a certain amount of hours for each role. This just covers the time in the class and not the buddy calls or any Empathy Circles you facilitated on your own during the course.

If you didn’t attend all Sessions or didn’t stay for the full Session call, you do not qualify for a certificate. If you would like a certificate, you can come take the training again. You can take it as many times as you wish and receive a certificate each time.

We kept role at the Sessions. If you attended all the Sessions and stayed for the full time and don’t see a certificate, do let me know and we will fix that.

There are 5 categories of Certificates.

Participants: (Time 12.5+ Hours) They are taking the course to be facilitators.

Trainees: (17.5+ Hours) The are learning to become trainers of the Course.

Trainers: (17.5+ Hours) They are trainers of the course.

Producer Trainees: (30+ hours) They are learning to organize and oversee the entire training.

Producers: (36+ hours) They organize and oversee the entire training.

A sample Certificate of Completion and testimonial about the course by Gary Barber.

Sample Certificates of Completion