13.05 2b

Building a Culture of Empathy Together



Prepare to facilitate a short empathy circle.

Facilitator's Why

    1. I'm grateful that you are here taking part in this practice

    2. I've found it very helpful in my own wellbeing, building connections, conflict mediation, and constructive and meaningful relationships in general. etc.


As I understand it, You are not familiar with the practice.

there are some videos on how to take part.

here is a PDF - you can always print and have it handy.

This is a stand alone Empathy Circle. i.e., not part of an Empathy Café.


best way to learn is by doing the practice.

Topic: concerns about facilitating empathy circles.

Turns: 4 min.

First Listener: I'll be the first listener to model

Pause for Feedback: