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Form: Your Feedback on the Introduction to the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training

We are grateful for your interest in taking the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training. We are developing this Introduction and Orientation Empathy Café to prepare you to take the training.

Fill out this questionnaire to assist us in developing this Introduction Café to better address you needs.

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  • 12/29 - 9

  • 12/30 - 2

  • 01/01 - 4

  • 01/08 - 5

  • 01/(15-16) - 6

  • 01/22 - 7

  • 01/29 - 12

  • 02/04- 2

  • 02/5 - 11

  • 02/11 - 6

  • 02/12 - 11

    • 2/18 - 4

    • 2/19 - 10

    • 2/26 - 2

    • 3/2 - 3

    • 3/9 - 4

    • 4/2 - 3

    • 4/9 -6

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    1. Cat Spence

    2. Bahia Hariri

    3. Mona Abdelhady

    4. Gloria Oh

    5. Adelina Sora

    6. Dominic Masotto

    7. Katherine Stewart

    8. Anu Sukhija

    9. Elissa Copello

    10. Susanna Pearce

    11. Graham Berends

    12. Amanda Lee

    13. Dustin Berry

    14. Jen Moran

    15. Joanie Weaver

    16. Ananda Diandri

    17. Cita Oudijk

    18. Pauline Rolt

    19. Krista Pearson

    20. MaqC

    21. Randall Wert

    22. Mainak Bhattacharya

    23. Marina Min

    24. Grace Bida

    25. Shaila Raj

    26. Michelle Wehner

    27. Diana Cabcy

    28. Corinne de Lacroix

    29. Gitte Bork

    30. Omolade Williams

    31. Kevin Walker

    32. George LeCompte

    33. Jennifer Young

    34. Magali Rodriguez

    35. Daniel Chung

    36. Hillary Do

    37. Ulli Radtke

    38. Nawshin Maleeha

    39. Sue Lyle

    40. Bea

    41. Alexandra Tsovma

    42. Maria Falauto

    43. Jane Kim

    44. Giulia Cantini

    45. Jaime Brias

    46. Samantha Lee

    47. ElsaMarie Dsilva

    48. Herbert Haberl

    49. Lauren Jesse

    50. Amber Sher

    51. Marta Burnet

    52. Chloe Hettick

    53. Anatoly Krasner

    54. Janine Kaye Solomon

    55. Allison Stansberry

    56. Wayne Duncan

    57. Anke Heiser

    58. Darcy Stone

    59. Hannah Klatte

    60. Edmund Norton

    61. Tailin Zhu

    62. Maria Aihara-Sasaki

    63. sunita lama

    64. Khang Nguyen

    65. Shadia Garrison

    66. Patricia Aughtry

    67. Rob McNeil

    68. Evelina Avotina

    69. Sobita Upadhyay

    70. Larry Lawhorn

    71. Timothy Dawes

    72. Sharon Pavey

    73. Sue Johnston

    74. Katrina

    75. Meritxell Garcia Roig

    76. Paige Hutchinson

    77. Bridget Bossio

    78. Faustina Maranan

    79. Wayne Duncan

    80. Srushti Patel

    81. michelle clarke

    82. Alyssa Capili

    83. Sylvia Schander

    84. Yi Li

    85. Monica Morales

    86. Sophia Edejer

    87. Mehaboobali

    88. Nadav Ben shabat

    89. Lydia Kado

    90. Similoluwa Ayeni

    91. Katherine Langen

    92. Cristian Martucci

    93. Ka Vang

    94. Grace Scura

    95. Marium Lange

    96. christina

    97. Lala Liu

    98. Lynda Duffill

    99. Alice Abreu

    100. Betsy Campisi

Where did you hear about Empathy Circles and the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training?

  1. LinkedIn

  2. Pandemic Professors

  3. Facebook

  4. Facebook

  5. Linkedin

  6. Pandemic Professors

  7. linkedin

  8. linkedIn

  9. Linked In

  10. Pandemic Professor

  11. Graham Berends

  12. Pandemic professors

  13. Pandemic professor

  14. LinkedIn

  15. From a friend, Dani Rius in Christchurch, NZ

  16. A friend of mine sent me the link to Facebook.

  17. From Pandemic Professors

  18. a friend from the focusing institute

  19. Heard about Empathy Circles from a friend involved w XR. Did some of my own research and found the training.

  20. Extinction Rebellion

  21. internet

  22. facebook

  23. I heard about them through Pandemic Professors

  24. LinkedIN

  25. Facebook from searching with the key word "Empath"

  26. From a friend - Zainab

  27. Edwin

  28. Online

  29. From Edwin at an empathy event with Elif Gokcigdem

  30. Facebook/Edwin

  31. I heard through the organization Pandemic Professionals

  32. From XR Mass

  33. Linked-in

  34. Word of Mouth

  35. LinkedIn post showed up in my feed

  36. from a friend

  37. From Pandemic Professionals

  38. Fromm a friend.

  39. Originally Google search, while looking for empathy buddy forums

  40. Local facebook group

  41. Linked In in Compassion Cultivation related link

  42. Linkedin from Zainab Kakal

  43. Edwins invitation

  44. Facebook search for Empathy

  45. I saw it on facebook

  46. Pandemic Proffesors

  47. Empathy circles - from a friend who facilitates NVC meetups. Facilitator training - saw them on the XR faceb00k page and got excited about it!

  48. Linkedin

  49. Google

  50. Online indeed

  51. I heard about empathy circles and this training through Pandemic Professors.

  52. Pandemics Professor

  53. From the Empathy Circle Google then Facebook pages

  54. Mattermost and Heather Bolten, I think

  55. Linkin

  56. I found it through NVC

  57. I read about it on a course I had taken up online.

  58. Volunteer Professor/Mentor

  59. Google search

  60. I heard about empathy circles through pandemic professors.

  61. Building a Culture of Empathy FB page.

  62. Through a connection on LinkedIn

  63. Linkedlin

  64. Facebook Search

  65. Through XR UK

  66. xr

  67. Following Edwin's work

  68. Been following a long time, but most recently from Lou Zweier

  69. XR

  70. From friends & colleagues in the Person Centered Approach that are also studying Focusing and NVC + Facebook events

  71. pandemic professors

  72. through a Facebook search on empathy and resonance

  73. I participated in an Empathy Circle during a Climate Crisis conference conversation group and the facilitator mentioned this training program.

  74. Through some Facebook pages regarding empathy, resonance, and nvc.

  75. Anish Menon

  76. Pandemic professor

  77. through Facebook & the website

  78. from Pandemic Professors

  79. connection

  80. Facebook, XR group

  81. KPFA's Talk-it-out radio

  82. KPFA

  83. From Anatoly from extinction rebelion

  84. To remain teachable and non-judgmental

  85. Linked In or Facebook, I can't truly remember!

  86. Edwin's youtubes

  87. Email

  88. XR Reset TV

  89. google search

  90. My friend Graham Berends

  91. From Edwin

  92. Where I first heard it from was Pandemic Professors

  93. Dianne Zomper

  94. I first experienced it in the course Trust The People, and I then saw the event on facebook in the suggested part

  95. Pandemic Professors Referral

  96. Facebook search for "Empathy"


  98. Prior trainings & Dean Bowles ;)

  99. XRUK website

  100. Through XR

Why are you interested in taking the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training?

  1. Because I want to train others in practicing empathy within their groups, families, friends, organizations. I would like to start by organizing empathy circles with fellow therapists and try to introduce this practice within the multinational organization I'm currently working at - I believe bringing more empathy at the workplace will help the teams feel more understood and motivated.

  2. Because I want to train my empathy muscle even more by organizing Empathy Circles in various groups of people as i believe it is one of the best ways to spark the fire of change

  3. Because I want to spread the concept of Active Listening and to organize Empathy Circles with people outside the therapeutic community, in order to help creating an empathetic community.

  4. I would like to help my local facilitator, train to be a better listener and talker in my personal relationships, and apply this in my work with mental health.

  5. In order to improve myself to be able to give back to my comunity

  6. I think it can only help me in my daily life and in my work. I also would really like to make other people's lives better and more whole and I think this could help me to do that.

  7. I really enjoyed the training session that I took part in and thought it would be valuable to continue to hone my skills with empathy circle training.

  8. I'm interested in learning how to really actively listen to others and hear more about others backgrounds to see where they're coming from.

  9. To help my students that I tutor feel heard and respected. To help them connect with an adult who will take their emotions seriously.

  10. At first, I was there for Pandemic Professors. However, as time goes by, I'm starting to understand that I really need this skill. So, I would love to take part in the Empathy Circle Facilitation Training course.

  11. I'd like to bring NVC, empathy and empathy circles to local communities here, especially to XR. I don't have any experience or official titles related to therapy of any kind, so I'm looking for opportunities to organize events/workshops/circles, to learn how do facilitate them and to gain confidence in my ability to do so. Empathy and emotional support are often considered as professional business and there's no room and chance left for communities to learn how to provide their own empathy needs. I'd like very much to change that, and have a sustainable supply of empathy and support that grows together with the community.

  12. I am an educator and mediator, I have some experience in circle facilitation and want to learn and explore empathy circles more

  13. To broaden my social skills, be able to facilitate groups better!

  14. It would support me in my inner journey and exploration of how to be a good human as well as help me share it with the world in my work as a facilitator and coach

  15. I think it would be useful for me in my inner journey as well as in my work as a coach and facilitator

  16. I would like to learn more about how to listen to others and gain empathy skills.

  17. I would like to learn more about how to listen to others and gain empathy skills.

  18. I want to learn how to listen and empathize.

  19. professional and personal development

  20. It has so many applications for my community work as well as self development

  21. I'd like to expand on the skillset of active listening to bring it into other areas of my life.

  22. I'd like to develop my communication skills as part of my personal and professional development and run empathy circles in my local area to actively contribute to building the culture and community.

  23. Communication Skills, Self Development, Connection to others, Confidence Building

  24. To contribute the practice into the world and give to others and hopefully to receive in turn and improve the world.

  25. Develop my own skills and connections to others to better serve others

  26. to host circles

  27. I want to be part of bringing more empathy into the world. Both in personal life and at work and also interested in exploring how I might eventually bring this work into the wider world.

  28. To be able to bring the practice to activist groups (for example in XR)

  29. I want to bring this amazing acitivity in my local XR group and I want to grow my listening skills.

  30. To improve in all aspects in my life

  31. N/A

  32. Yes

  33. I am hoping to attend graduate school in Psychology and think this would be valuable experience. I also really enjoyed today's Empathy Circle session.

  34. I believe that the facilitator training will teach me these skills to the highest degree

  35. I would like to run a business one day and this should help

  36. Leadership is valuable

  37. Socializing is important and lacking in society at this time.

  38. Apply it to various groups I work with in social jusstice field

  39. I want to improve my active listening skills and my attention/focus.

  40. to bring this structure dialogue to more people so they could experience it.

  41. The joy/quiet contentment that people getting from being heard and the good affects that come from that- I want to spread that.

  42. To improve my emphatic listening skills

  43. It will help me in everything I do. I hope to make a difference in the world.

  44. My own experience with the Empathy Circle practice has been empowering and inspiring. I would love help create spaces for such experiences to flourish. I would also love to see a world where people are not only heard but just as importantly have to capacity to listen to each other.

  45. I would like to continue experiencing the being empathized with, and create a space where others can experience it as well. I sense that if people show up consistency in an empathy circle it can foster greater connectedness and restore our sense of living in a friendly humanity.

  46. Personal skills in family, community and business circles

  47. I'm impatient and want to find "quicker" ways to support people in deepening their ability to connect with them selves and each other from the heart<3 - and find ways to spread this quality around Denmark and in the world. And I feel so inspired from to day!

  48. To develop empathy as a skill and spread the word

  49. I think it would be a great training to better facilitate my team whether that be research group, club meetings, or just anything else that involves people!

  50. to learn more about how to practice empathy and teach others how to practice it as well.

  51. To learn more about empathy circles and how to facilitate them.

  52. To learn to facilitate groups in the processes of listening and empathy.

  53. Learning how to facilitate, and developing confidence in doing so.

  54. It is something I have to do for Pandemics Professor. I also enjoy the aspect of learning to become a better listener and learning how to communicate myself more clearly. I am also applying to become a backpacking trip leader for freshmen entering my college, where this kind of empathy exercising will become essential to creating a strong team dynamic. I was in this program as a freshmen myself, and I really enjoyed the deep connections we made by doing exercises like these.

  55. learning

  56. I think having empathy everywhere is important and I want to learn how to start small with myself or with my community to spread that outwards.

  57. Personal Development. Creating a connection with anyone, in my work I do Interviews so empathy and connection are very important skills to continue to develop

  58. to be better active listener

  59. To improve my active listening skills and be able to fully understand others.

  60. I explained in my application form but basically I'm interested because I want more empathy for myself and for everyone in the world.

  61. I would like to facilitate Empathy Circles for educators and students

  62. To understand what being empathetic means and how that can be used with close ones.

  63. To learn more about empathy, listening skills, and how to be a better person, data scientist, and tutor by using these.

  64. To build my empathy and listening skills

  65. I’m excited to learn more and make this practice more central in my life. I want to build community with people who understand these principals, and to also see how I can be helpful to others.

  66. To broaden my skills, open my capacity to receive empathy from others, and find out how to share the practice with others.

  67. I want to take it in the future, when the days are shorter and I've harvested my crops.

  68. Because right now spreading more empathy seems like one of the most meaningful things I can do.

  69. I would like to be a tutor for pandemic professors, and I think that this is a good way to learn how to actively listen to people and hear what they are trying to say.

  70. I’d like to build on the anti bullying campaign at my children’s school. I believe if positive change is to take place in the world it has to begin with all of the children.

  71. I’d like to build on the anti bullying campaign at my children’s school. I believe if positive change is to take place in the world it has to begin with all of the children.

  72. It's a great way to change the world

  73. Really great approach, loved the whole experience

  74. I really saw after today how the format of empathy circle allowed a lot of opportunities to listen deeply. I would like to join the training to increase my own empathy capacity and have the motivation to start empathy circles where I am.

  75. I want to continue to presence myself in systems change work by starting with listening.

  76. I'd like to learn more about empathy circles and how to facilitate one.

  77. To share the natural peace that is already living inside each of us, with everyone :-)

  78. Peace on Earth!

  79. No

  80. I would like to improve my empathy as I am tutoring students.

  81. To deepen my relationship to self and others

  82. To improve my communication and listening skills with family and friends.

  83. I would like to be able to offer empathy circles in my local community

  84. I am considering this type of training.

  85. Academic interest in empathy at the workplace

  86. To build deep listening skills in my HCD work and develop my empathy muscle as a human.

  87. I would like to become a facilitator to create more opportunities to allow for connections and serve my community.

  88. I would love to spread this practice in my family and friends circle

  89. I think empathy is very important in our daily, personal lives but also more important during this pandemic

  90. To learn how to reflexively active listen and make people feel valued, seen, and understood.

  91. I work on a empathy project and thought this could be an additional tool to use.

  92. To build better relationships

  93. To get empathy everywhere its needed

  94. help spread empathy in the community & deepen my own skills

  95. It's a great tool to add to our XR Vitality Circle tool box :)

  96. To bring into XR and my personal life.

  97. TO spread the Empathy Circle and start to facilitated my own Circles.

  98. I would like to be in a cohort for Pandemic Professors.

  99. I want to be a facilitator in my community

  100. To communicate better

  101. To have the tools for bringing connection, navigating personal / relationship conflict and wider political and social conflicts.

  102. Attended for Pandemic Professors

  103. I think it is the direction the world needs to be going in

  104. To develop empathy for the families and students I will serve with Pandemic Professors

  105. To grow empathy in the world and in myself

  106. With pandemic cohort

  107. To practise the discipline and be ready for the future

  108. It was a good experience and I would like to have more conversations like that

  109. Personal growth

  110. To use with our local XR and generally for self development and to improve my active listening skills training as a psychotherapist & probably many other areas !!

  111. To gain better communication skills

  112. I am working on Empathy for personal development and I am interested in helping people build more genuine connections and become better individuals

  113. I believe that our potential for empathy is not fully explored.

  114. Communication skills

  115. I have done 30 years of facilitating dialogue in my work with children and adults and would like to use this approach as I feel it is absolutely necessary in today's world.

  116. not yet, but maybe

  117. This will help me share the skill of deep listening with my students which in turn will bring about better understanding, meaningful conversation and harmony.

  118. To learn how to help spread this practice, to learn how to better use it

  119. To learn to spread this

  120. I want to expand my empathy skills. And I want to host local empathy circles.

  121. meet more people

  122. To bridge divisiveness in the country

  123. I would like to facilitate others in my community to experience the same 'magic'

  124. Keep learning about applications that have impact

  125. Possibly

  126. it was unexpected

  127. i would like to have it in ,my life, family, friends, country and more, as a way to communicate

  128. To spread the power of empathy to the health of our communities.

  129. to be able to contribute to wellbeing within different groups

  130. Improving empathetic listening and public speaking skills

  131. For my personal growth and development. I am also an advisor to a college based organization.

  132. My experience with empathy practice is transformative and I value it, I seek to share the gift with others. I seek to develop my competencies and expand my community of practice.

  133. I would like to help others develop empathy, in addition to building my own.

  134. Upgrade my skill

  135. It would support me in my work with education, community and personal development.

  136. It makes me happy

  137. To bring this format into my local community

  138. Because after today's session I realize that the skills I will learn with help me serve my purpose.

  139. Increased listening and to give value to speaker

  140. I would like to bring the training to my community service organization

  141. Improve my ability to connect more when listening both actively and silently

  142. To grow in facilitator skills

  143. Because I am very interested in the empathy circles that Edwin is envisioning around race and racism -- and I'd like to move forward in partnership with the training so I have much greater facility in the method!

  144. furthering both facilitation skills and empathic capacity

  145. Yes If my schedule permits

  146. I'm a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and work with leadership. Change is often a barrier in moving things along. So empathy circle training would be useful.

  147. Because I would like to marry my work in diversity, equity, and inclusion with empathy circle training.

  148. I love to join empathy circle

  149. I would like to get better at active listening and demonstrating empathy

  150. Develop stronger active listening and increase empathetic communication/skills

  151. To roll this out to my organization

  152. I want to feel safe in this world. Also Interested in improving organizations internal communication.

  153. I'm very passionate about empowering people to actively listen to each other so that they are truly heard. I would love to bring this concept into schools and workplaces in South Africa

  154. develop more skills and help heal the world

  155. To deepen the efficacy of my coaching practice

  156. see my application

  157. Improve my active listening skills & apply it to my life

  158. I believe it is an important fundamental skill that should be taught and practiced in my community, not only for myself, but my children, my coworkers, my clients and my peers.

  159. Improving my active listening skill would make me a more effective facilitator of the emotional support groups I run for black people and to become a better listener generally.

  160. Sure

  161. Hone skills

  162. I believe that we are constantly learning in life and as much as I believe that I am an Empathetic person, I believe that the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training, can only help me to learn more.

  163. I believe this is a great skill to have and to empower others to listen- without judgement but with active listening

  164. To have a comprehensive understanding of empathy as a social worker

  165. I want to infuse empathy into the workplace.

  166. To develop and practice empathy skills and be able to apply and teach it in different contexts.

  167. To incorporate into my business, train new staff, and teach others in my community

  168. To share with my organization. My personal growth and development.

  169. To provide to volunteer network with the Peace Alliance

  170. Maybe

  171. I attended an introductory session and it was cathartic in showing me the degree of empathy I have for others and I need help in building my active listening skills.

  172. To Learn so that I may Share

  173. Yes

  174. It can help me personally and professionally

  175. To become well trained, so I may share and teach others

  176. i learnt a lot from the initial event

  177. It was a great experience today, and I very much value empathy. I have conducted research in therapeutic empathy, and published papers on the topic. I would be very interested in becoming a facilitator. What a great organization!

  178. To help me as a Pastor to help my congregation and the world

  179. Because of its value to assist others

  180. It's a new and important part of my life practice

  181. Yes

  182. To change be a part of the solution

  183. I want to develop communicating skills that will assist me in my interactions with others in both the workplace and church body.

I LIKE....What did you like about todays Introduction Café?

    1. I liked the structure of the course, how we first discussed what's expected from us and we got to practice. Also, how personal it got for all the speakers in the 2nd and 3rd part of sharing and the way i really felt i was heard and understood, even though i hadn't met any of the participants before. The sense of belonging and closeness I experience in this type of groups never ceases to amaze me

    2. I loved how we could talk about non-native English speakers and how comfortable i felt even though it is not the easiest thing for me to do to reflect what someone is saying in a different language than Romanian. Also, the fact that there have been so many participants, it really offers me hope for a change in the world.

    3. I liked the ideas Bill shared regarding best ways/practices to attract people to empathy circles (10 minutes listening card) and the key takeaways one should leave with after participating: understanding the value of empathy after experiencing it and finding out if they have the skills by actively listening.

    4. The open access and diversity of people; the simplicity of the rules and the concept, getting to put into practice immediately; the lack of criticism/quantitative feedback ("you're not good at this, you did this wrong")

    5. I liked it was so enlightening and refreshing and that I was heard respectfully.

    6. It was a good training exercise in active listening and not trying to make what someone was saying to me mean something different as I was trying to translate it.

    7. I really enjoyed that I was able to gain some insight about how empathy circles can help me as a better communication skill in my everyday life. I felt like I was able to connect with the process personally in that way.

    8. I really liked that it was such a safe place for everyone to speak and listen.

    9. The connection and bonding

    10. I love how the system is built. I definitely felt more comfortable in a smaller circle, baby steps. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive, I think that this is a very healthy place to be and grow.

    11. The clear introduction of the circle's process, the calm energy, the pleasure of giving and receiving empathy and connecting with people, even total strangers, it's so powerful

    12. great experience to practice and connect with new people

    13. I liked being able to really pay attention to what people were saying and be heard. The enthusiasm, the topics we got to talk about, all those new things I get to dig into more.

    14. The inclusion and safety in the small room. I began to feel I am a part of a very close group of friends in no time

    15. There was a group member with network issues. How this presented an opportunity to stretch our ears to hear her was a learning

    16. I liked getting into groups and I liked people’s energy.

    17. I liked getting into groups and I liked people’s energy.

    18. I liked meeting new people and connecting with them.

    19. The fact that I got the opportunity to slow down and truly listen

    20. This is my second cafe - I felt more relaxed and that there was a great feeling of connection among everyone.

    21. I like that I felt so much more relaxed towards the end of the training.

    22. I like the function of an empathy group and how it is practiced

    23. I liked meeting like minded people and feeling constructive.

    24. Like minded people consciously creating a lovely environment

    25. Connecting with new people

    26. beautiful

    27. I felt it was very thorough. I appreciated the introductions so we could "meet" everyone, I felt the video that described the process was both clear and succinct, and then getting to practice for an hour was great.

    28. The explanations were very clear. I appreciate the opportunity to practice with facilitators who knew the practice well

    29. I really liked the positive atmosphere in the call and the work of the facilitator during the practice.

    30. Graham and how he facilitates

    31. I liked the space provided to practice empathy circles and the lovely conversation my group had.

    32. I like being listened to.

    33. I appreciated the opportunity to connect with people across the world. It also felt really special to be able to connect with people on such a deep level, given how isolated the world feels during quarantine.

    34. I met with people from completely different backgrounds. Not just different locations, but different ages, genders, and learning styles.

    35. Sharing what was alive

    36. It was a place everyone could feel comfortable.

    37. willingness of folks to share; the practical effect of the structure in creating space for deep listening.

    38. They did a really good job explaining what it is and the different cohorts and what they were about..

    39. it was well explained and the format of the dialogue was easy enough to understand.

    40. Everyone was willing to come as they were

    41. The process

    42. It was warm, inspiring, simple, yet deep and fulfilling.

    43. I very much appreciated the atmosphere of generosity of the call. People were quite generous in that they were open, honest, and willing to share. One of the reasons I joined the call was that I wanted to learn about becoming a better listener and I was grateful that my fellow participants shared so much and actually gave me something to listen to. I liked that some were honest about their anxieties, sleepiness, and doubts.

    44. I felt a sense of familiarity because three of us had participated in an empathy group last week, so I felt a bit more comfortable and less of a "stranger". I also like how we each spoke about personal and meaningful experiences and thoughts. It was very enriching, and offered an experience of "we are all in this together", and we can relate to one another's experiences in some way.

    45. Simplicity

    46. I like the structure of the Café and the circle which helps me feeling secure and having my need for safety met. In the circle we had a deep connection around vulnerably things in people's life which make me feel humble and thankful, because I'm longing for deep connection - and it also leaves me with hope and trust for humanity and the world.

    47. I appreciated the introduction to the process, everything was clear and worked like a charm. The environment was friendly and welcoming, the host and the participants as well.

    48. I loved how we practiced being present in what each of us had to say instead of trying to talk over each other and get in our own thoughts.

    49. I liked that we did a empathy circle.

    50. I worked as a facilitator (trainee). Valuable experience. Broke the ice.

    51. Clear. The implications of what is described needs to be experienced. Some people were surprised.

    52. I didn't like the introduction cafe nearly as much as the breakout rooms.

    53. diversity and organization

    54. I liked that I was able to meet people and share.

    55. The group I was a part of. Training my listening skills

    56. kind and welcoming mood

    57. I liked that it felt like a comfortable and safe environment.

    58. I liked how perfect strangers can come together and find our shared humanity.

    59. I like how deeply we shared with each other our thoughts and feelings.

    60. Meeting new people, being given an opportunity, friendliness, patience, and understanding.

    61. I liked the empathy circle

    62. empathy circle

    63. The practice was so helpful, I learned so much from both listening and sharing.

    64. its such a rich experience, and gives me a sense of hope and healing

    65. The topic was why is it important for XR to embrace Empathy Circles, and in our group we spoke about empathy being the missing link for everyone, whether professionally, in relationships, and especially XR because we need to be in the right place to do actions rather than face them with trepidation and fear and only in post action do the truthful active listening.

    66. That it was a safe space for us to share and also be heard.

    67. I liked doing the practice for an extended period. Edwin and Bill really modeled the speaking and listening really well, sharing deep passion for the work. It was really engaging and inspiring. I liked hearing Edwin's ambitious vision.

    68. I liked how we had to practice not asking questions or following up, rather just listening. It was a challenge for sure

    69. I liked how it felt to be participating in the circle, I haven’t done anything like this for a long time and it was very affirming and positive.

    70. I liked how it felt to be participating in the circle, I haven’t done anything like this for a long time and it was very affirming and positive.

    71. Really good to experience a different group. I was unsure about the dynamic in the group tonight and I felt a bit overwhelmed by one or two people. Perhaps it was just a very different experience to the other circles I've been in.

    72. friendly people

    73. There was a enough time for 4 rounds, and the reflections were deeper with each round.

    74. meeting people from around the world, testing the format

    75. It was a new experience where I felt like I could trust the people I was speaking to.

    76. Warm, trusting, relationship n the circle.

    77. Flowing communication including everyone equally

    78. I enjoyed breaking into smaller groups to practice the empathy circle.

    79. I liked meeting people from around the world and having an open and deep conversation that I wouldn't have normally had.

    80. I liked the format; I was never sure where the conversation would lead

    81. the honesty and insight of those who participated in my group

    82. I enjoyed the very genuine human warmth that I felt towards my fellow participants.

    83. I liked hearing about how building empathy could improve career and personal growth.

    84. I liked speaking to a diverse cohort and just being able to random things and feel heard

    85. The structure of the circle was very welcoming;

    86. I liked being able to express freely, being heard, letting other participants know that the I'm genuinely interested in what's alive in them, and sharing with other what's alive in me.

    87. The facilitator in our breakout room, Cat, was a great example of empathetic listener

    88. I liked the demo on how the circle worked

    89. The small group process, the way the conversations flowed - i thought it might feel stilted but it didn't, the presence everyone brought.

    90. got to the point and then the circle!

    91. Listening exercise

    92. Knowing about others and learning more about the process

    93. it was really beneficial chance to facilitate

    94. I enjoyed the process and results experienced in today's intro. On a feelings level - not my strength - it brought trust, comfort, connection, healing and self-care to my world in those two hours.

    95. Hearing from others

    96. The ideas that been shared.

    97. I liked that everyone got a chance to speak.

    98. I liked how I was taken a bit out of my comfort zone and challenged to both actively listen to others and deeply consider/share my own thoughts to contribute.

    99. The availability of the safe space to express oneself

    100. The simplicity of the process and sharing on deep emotional level

    101. Beautifully held space

    102. great connection, great warmth and great learning. Very well run. Thank you

    103. I like the process of the empathy circle and the opportunity to interact with a variety of people.

    104. Learning how to listen better with intention and without distraction

    105. It was very empathetic i loved it everyone is very welcoming.

    106. I like the practise

    107. I like the introduction of conducting a empathy circles

    108. Being able to practice

    109. meeting with people from all over the planet & meeting Edwin! Plus getting to try it out straight away - fantastic!

    110. I like how we were taught to actively listen and reflect on others' thoughts.

    111. The chance to experience and practice

    112. I loved that we went straight into practice, how there were people from different backgrounds and with different experiences with empathy circles. I loved how honest everyone was despite us being complete strangers.

    113. Everyone had to participate

    114. The capacity of people to listen and follow the process and work so hard to make it work.

    115. simple, straightforward, no fuss down to business (once the first half hour had gone), experience of connection was very sweet indeed. Thank you.

    116. The trust , openness and the connection that unfolded.

    117. I like that the practice is quite simple and people were willing to say they were nervous

    118. It was special that it was so small

    119. First and foremost, I so much appreciate that they exist, that there are people who put so much effort in and get that up!

    120. meeting and listening to all the people in the zoom room

    121. Direct experience. Getting the experience of people giving really thorough reflection.

    122. I loved that people from all around the globe were present. I felt a sense of connection. And our little group with Priyanka felt instantly really connected.

    123. The aha moments, multiple

    124. An incredible learning experience with respect to the facilitation of deeper empathic communication. Something that is easily learned but highly beneficial.

    125. it was awsome

    126. Connecting with very nice like-minded people

    127. the explanation was clear, simple and short. and the atmosphere was pleasant and suportive.

    128. Lovely and strenghtening to meet and hear so many engaged and nice people from all over the world

    129. Engaging nature of conversation

    130. The listening, speaking and sharing.

    131. It was well structured, accessible, diverse and I had the experience to practice. I felt welcomed, appreciated and at ease.

    132. I liked the lived experience of the empathy circle. I found the facilitators very helpful.

    133. Very interactive

    134. The simplicity and structured approach.

    135. It made me happy

    136. Generous organizers / facilitators. Love that you all are putting in so much effort without expecting payment.

    137. The joy to feel heard that we all experienced.

    138. Active listening

    139. Listening and connecting with other people.

    140. The format of the workshop

    141. Facilitator Bill helped us feel comfortable so we could trust the structure; and he modeled active listening after volunteering to be the first active listener.

    142. The method itself. The warm welcome. The feeling I got while participating in it. The people who showed up. And Edwin modeling the practice!!!

    143. the coalescing of my group's participants, feeling the physical barriers between us dissipate

    144. the willingness to listen by others

    145. I liked the structure, as everyone in the circle got a chance to speak and reflect on what being said. Everyone spoke about what was on their mind.

    146. It was wonderful! I loved the method, the people, and the way I felt during it and by the end of it!

    147. It made me happy

    148. I liked that we got to practice in a smaller group.

    149. I liked everything

    150. Being able to practice

    151. I like listening

    152. Thank you, I truly appreciated the space for connection with a diverse group of people - people coming together from all parts of the world to try to cultivate a more empathetic society.

    153. everthing

    154. The opportunity to practice

    155. People getting to talk about whatever is alive in them.

    156. diverse participants

    157. I liked connecting with others who also feel the world lacks empathy!

    158. Everyone shared and it felt safe from the off.

    159. Experimental aspect

    160. Practising active listening/being active listener

    161. I like the way you work in groups in order to practice listening, active listening and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in being a Speaker

    162. I liked the fact that this course is universal across the world and can impact the world in a positive way

    163. The idea of giving feedback in the empathy circle was eye opening and something new

    164. meeting everyone

    165. Good atmosphere. Nice people and interesting learnings from the participants.

    166. It was an authentic experience that permits you to learn others

    167. The active listening and conversations.

    168. Feeling heard, being able to reflect back to another person, having heart-to-heart connections with others

    169. Practicing active listening and reflecting what others expressed was good experience.

    170. The feelings of safety and trust and genuine interest from the people in my breakout group was inspiring.

    171. I Liked today's Introduction Café

    172. Being Heard

    173. It was a safe space and I net many awesome people.

    174. Felt Very Organic, Safe, Connectedness, Transformative

    175. yes

    176. This was so well-timed with the current zeitgeist, and the change in people's capacity to relate empathically with one another. I am eager to get involved in becoming a facilitator.

    177. Meeting new people and feeling comfortable

    178. The opportunity to experience the active listening activity multiple times

    179. The lead in and then the experience of the practice session

    180. The explanation about the circles, fish bowls, etc. Explanation of what and how they work.

    181. Very informative.

    182. Watching and listening to the active listening and speaking.

I WISH... What would you have wished for in the introduction?

  1. There is nothing I wished for from the course, maybe just to spend more time with the group. I felt a sense of curiosity towards meeting the members from the other breakout rooms.

  2. Nothing that i can think of at the moment

  3. I think it was just perfect

  4. It was fine I wouldn't really change it

  5. Doing is learning, so even though I wish there was more instruction I think that's just my fear and need for control talking.

  6. I was not present for the introduction so I'm not sure.

  7. It was a little shorter and not right in the middle of work hours (weekends preferred)

  8. A longer session. Because it really was lovely.

  9. I'm not sure what I'd change, my 1st time there ^_^ One thing that bothered me is that sometimes people didn't talk about their feelings, and the simple instructions we got made it difficult to give empathy, since just repeating their words wouldn't work. But I don't know what I'd change about that, maybe nothing, just enjoy the benefits of those clear instructions. Perhaps refer somewhere to slightly deeper instructions/hints for giving empathy (seeing feelings not expressed in clear words, separating feelings from thoughts, when and how to interrupt someone to bring them back to the present, when and how to ask the speaker actively about their feelings rather than just summarizing their words)

  10. I would have needed to know how much time we have in the circle - maybe I didn"t hear that

  11. I wish I had heard about it sooner!

  12. I think whatever I wished for was given to me.

  13. It is goo as it is

  14. I wish we could have a discussion in our groups to just talk and answer each other.

  15. I wish we could have a discussion in our groups to just talk and answer each other.

  16. I wish we had more time to discuss!

  17. everything was great, but perhaps better time management. But its zoom after all.

  18. Nothing - it was great.

  19. I wish that there would be more flexibility in the number of upcoming events.

  20. I wished I was able to work with another group in the time allotted to see how other facilitators operate.

  21. It was good as it was.

  22. One thing I did feel was that a worry I couldn't save the links within the zoom chat so it would be good to know of somewhere outside of zoom to find them so I don't miss anything.

  23. Nothing more. I felt it was bang on.

  24. It's good as it is.

  25. Nothing.

  26. I think it was very good as it was.

  27. Maybe more tips for organizing or taking part of our first empathy circles as facilitators.

  28. A feedback round at the end of the practice within the empathy circle group. Would have been nice to share our thoughts/feelings in the practice group.

  29. The information provided was helpful. I don't think there was anything to be wished for that was lacking.

  30. I wish my family and friends would join

  31. I wish it could have gone on for longer!

  32. N/A

  33. Where to donate to the cause in every empathy circle to remind everyone

  34. A link to the donation portal.

  35. Nothing to add at this point

  36. Not sure.....I don't think anything

  37. I can't think of anything.

  38. that an answer lol ^_^

  39. a different time (too late /early morning in India)

  40. I had a great time but I think the activity ended right as I was just getting comfortable enough to share and reflect the sharings more. A longer time for the actual Empathy Circle would have been appreciated BUT I do like how this feeling of wanting more of the experience is just reassuring me that signing up for the training was a great idea. I'm looking forward to participating in more circles and even eventually facilitating some.

  41. Not sure.

  42. Nothing coming to mind, it was pretty thorough in my opinion

  43. A video with an example of a process in the circle

  44. I think the introduction was ok

  45. Nothing different. I liked this very much!

  46. Nothing extra. Thank you.

  47. See above

  48. It would be nice to have large breakout rooms for introductions and small ones for the conversations.

  49. I wish we had a short live demo before diving straight into it. I think the video provided some insight but I still felt a little lost.

  50. -

  51. N/A

  52. It was just right.

  53. Brief talk about self more.

  54. An example of types of things you can ask or share in the circle.

  55. I didn’t know if I was in the right place at first, but i was a little late and hoped that if I hung in there, it’d become clear.

  56. I'm unable to answer this because I thought the introduction gave valid examples, etc.

  57. n/a

  58. Maybe a little more breakdown of the practice...some of it came out as we were sharing anyway, but perhaps it would have been nice to upfront have named some things like - it's normal to anxious, you don't need to get it 'right' as a listener, as a speaker you can clarify where you haven't felt heard etc.

  59. Well I had to miss the first half hour so I can’t say for sure what I wish for because it probably happened in the beginning.

  60. Well I had to miss the first half hour so I can’t say for sure what I wish for because it probably happened in the beginning.

  61. Maybe make it more clear that there is only one facilitator?

  62. more time for conversation

  63. Nothing. I felt very supported throughout.

  64. the requirement for 2 circles prior to starting means I have yet to be able to sign up. Wondering if there more that can be shared? Also patient.

  65. I can't think of any at the moment.

  66. exactly the way it is.

  67. it was perfect

  68. It would be neat to know more about the impact of empathy circles currently--some mention was made in regard to the outreach work with physicians in New York but I would have loved to hear how the empathy circles translated to their work environment.

  69. I wish I could have continued to talk to my group.

  70. Perhaps a brief overview of what Pandemic University and Extinction Rebellion is - for those of us not familiar with these organizations! :)

  71. An opportunity to express my hopes?

  72. n/a

  73. to understand deeper the process other than the speaking and listening that we did.

  74. N/A

  75. I wish I got to know more about everyone.

  76. I thought it was perfect.

  77. nothing

  78. Some examples of topics covered, how they have impacted divided groups

  79. Missed this part

  80. I thought it was an excellent introduction

  81. Lemme give it some thought.

  82. Would like to get into the facilitation training ... looking forward to having enough peeps.

  83. I wish in a way that the session was shorter because there comes a point where topics for discussion are exhuasted, but I also notice and realize how the length of it actually allowed for better connections.

  84. NA

  85. It was a good introduction

  86. What I got

  87. I wish the overall length of the training were shorter than 2 hours.

  88. It was great already - perhaps a story shared of how ECF training has helped someone?

  89. I dont have any wishes it was great!

  90. Not much reallly

  91. I wish we had a list of topics we could talk about

  92. To emphasize that empathic listening is a life-long ongoing process and it takes practice

  93. Nothing more - immense gratitude for all those facilitating

  94. N/A

  95. I wish there was the possibility to sign up for a training directly but I guess I'll wait. I wish I could meet with the people in person but I guess that can also wait.

  96. Some indication of what we might talk about in the circle.

  97. it took half an hour before it got started. I nearly left. I have adhd and it was a real challenge to force myself not to leave. If we had to have intros, which Im not sure of the value of, it would be names and place only. folks will use a lot of words and take time, when I came to learn a process. I guess Im also autistic so it was a bombardment of stop start stop start. Very difficult. I long for inclusion for neurodiverse folks.

  98. Everything was very well organized

  99. A little clarification about whether to use the speakers words or go beyond them, would be useful

  100. A little more info about whether to use speakers words or paraphrase

  101. I can't say I missed something.

  102. I wish I could have prepared some general questions about my situation on human relationship for today's class

  103. Hop in with demonstration instead of talking about it. We saw a video. Then, Edwin talked about it. Then, our group facilitator talked about it. I could get into it more quickly and in a more satisfying way just to see it and then have a facilitator describe what had just happened.

  104. I am a bit lost as to where to go next

  105. It was great, l got just as much out of the second one as the first.

  106. I think it covered it all.

  107. a bit longer

  108. An element of responding to someone's speech and to ask for more information

  109. i wished to be a good listener

  110. ..that I had arrived in better time being able to fully concentrate

  111. N/A

  112. Our occupation, people had a tendency to mention their occupation.

  113. It was fine, I wouldn't change a thing.

  114. It would have been good to have people use their full names and location in their Zoom identity. It would also have been good to know how to reach other participants.

  115. ???

  116. Its apt the way it is.

  117. I joined with no expectation

  118. Nothing comes to mind. It was what I expected and met my needs :)

  119. I cannot think of a better introduction, it was simple and engaging.

  120. Not sure. I was late

  121. There were a few more items in our introduction.

  122. I was tardy for the introduction

  123. I wished I could have learned more about Edwin's aha moment that was his catalyst to starting this open source training in empathy.

  124. I loved it! The best thing, I think, is clarity at each stage -- what is the brief intro. supposed to include (scope at each stage), etc....but it was a wonderful experience as-is!

  125. nothing, particularly, though I think some might have found it helpful to know it's okay for them to take notes during their empathic listening

  126. na

  127. N/A

  128. Nothing more than you did!

  129. No wish

  130. I just wish I wasn't so nervous and could concentrate better.

  131. nothing

  132. This introduction was sufficient

  133. I wish for more time

  134. It was perfect thanks

  135. I would have appreciated the opportunity to receive feedback & improvement tips

  136. Honestly, there is nothing further.

  137. ?Nothing more

  138. I wish I would have found this practice sooner.

  139. A little more basic info about why, or what challenges an empathy circle seeks to meet.

  140. Good as is

  141. I wish I knew that this wasn't the actual training, I was a little confused when we started, because I thought it was the Facilitator Training, but I'm happy that we were able to have this time in the Cafe, to see if this is something we actually want to move forward with.

  142. The introduction was fine

  143. An overview of the program

  144. wishes were granted

  145. nothing special

  146. I wish my technology didn't malfunction and it could have been a little longer. I really loved it!!!

  147. I was very satisfied with content and process

  148. The introductory was satisfactory. The best way to learn is through experience.

  149. I came on late and missed the introduction.

  150. I Wish in the Break-Out training groups - as being instructed & directed "How To" in a more "Organic" kind of way, instead of "Not Like that" "That"s the Wrong Way"...more "Malleable"is all

  151. Nothing

  152. It was fine!

  153. More Simply Mach Active Listening & Speaking and the Possibility of Experiencing Empathy

  154. nothing

  155. None

  156. It was good

  157. n/a

  158. That we could do both: Fishbowl and then Small Groups

  159. Possibly for shy people, prepare them to be ready to speak if comfortable, so we know that we could possibly wish to participate. Camera ready, etc.

  160. The directions were explained a bit better. We did not understand that we could speak back or address things that we did not agree with

  161. NA

What other questions, comments, insights, etc. do you have about the training?

  1. It's one of my first experiences of reflecting somebody in English, so i have a feeling I did not manage to capture everything the other was saying, even though i spend everyday talking in English from a business point of view, I find it more difficult to access my feeling and reflect the other's than it is in my mother tongue. In my private practice, all of the clients I work with speak Romanian and I feel more authentic and congruent expressing myself in it. But I guess with practice it will get easier and I am up for the challenge.

  2. I signed up for Cohort 9 and had participated in 2 Introduction Cafes, will also be attending the one next week. As i have seen there are few spots left for this Cohort, could you please let me know if there is one left for me, too? :) It would be difficult for me to attend the other one starting in March, because unfortunately the timezone it doesn't suit me

  3. I love how the experience is always different, but the feeling of being listened to and understood stays with me after every session

  4. Looking forward to the next cohort forming at a European-friendly time of day! Thank you :)

  5. I'm way to thankfull for you for having created this space

  6. I'm confused by the cohorts and when they start. I would like to have a list of start dates and times.

  7. I can't wait to take part in my next training! I felt very positive from the experience and like I gained a lot of empathy for the people in my empathy circle.

  8. It was insightful to practice empathetic listening as opposed to sympathetic listening

  9. I just want to say thank you for everything. I just would like to join.

  10. None, just waiting eagerly to do another cricle or two and sign up for the facilitator training

  11. thank you it was a very good experience

  12. Its a beautiful process of self discovery, inquiry and understanding needs and making requests

  13. None at the moment

  14. It was a great experience!

  15. It was a great experience!

  16. It was great.

  17. extremely grateful for the work you're doing.

  18. This is great training for personal listening - it helps me be much more present. I keep thinking that young people would really get into this and am thinking how I can facilitate that in my area.

  19. Are there specific learning objectives outlined that would be measured?

  20. Is there a theory/written component of the training as well as the practical sessions?

  21. What is the average/ideal time commitment going forward of a facilitator once trained?

  22. Do they need to participate with a certain number of facilitating hours to maintain their status or to develop to be a trainer for facilitators?

  23. Just generally developing more appreciation for the way that I am included within the community. Thank you.

  24. It's still enjoyable.

  25. It is good. That's all I can say.

  26. very good

  27. can you start facilitating before you take training?

  28. I imagine this will get answered in the training itself, but I wonder if there are situations where the facilitator might take a more active role in guiding either the speaker or the listener in the process? That hasn't seemed needed in the three circles I've participated in thus far, but I can imagine the need for that in certain situations, for example where emotions are heightened.

  29. Are there opportunities to facilitate empathy circles that are already organized like those of this introduction?

  30. I'm very happy that I've participated! I want more:)

  31. This was a good training and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the tools and format to help my students feel heard.

  32. None

  33. N/A

  34. N/A

  35. I wish each group was more often

  36. Wheres the pay pal button

  37. i need to become zoom meeting savvy (more) to facilitate over zoom....something need to practice.

  38. It's very cool that these empathy circles seemed to helping people in feel connected and how it impacts their day

  39. The training helps you improve your active listening skills.

  40. I like witnessing people just being hilarious or at least finding the hilarity in what people are saying.

  41. I enjoyed the training

  42. I'm sorry I am very tired. If I think of any feedback I will follow up and let you know.

  43. It means so much to me that the requirements for this training is so simple and accessible. It was wonderful to see fellow young people just as excited about this impulse as I am. I also love how diverse the group was. I can't wait to engage with new people throughout this training. I can't wait to behold the rich and fruitful interactions that will come from being around people with all sorts of backgrounds and goals.

  44. I am curious about the "felt sense" of empathy, and the possibility of expressing how we have been touched or affected by someone's sharing. So reflecting back what we received with regard to communication, and then reflecting back the impact it may have had on us as the receiving. What arises within our "felt sense" (our body)?

  45. Curious about the scheduling of private groups... seems like the current schedules are booked for several months and I'd like to get started soon. I'm wondering how we can train more perhaps concurrently to bring the reality of CoE to more places (homes and communities) around the world sooner?

  46. I will write to Edwin about how to do something like this in Denmark in Danish.

  47. I would like to know more about the training process! Maybe a Q&A at the end would be good?

  48. Excited to be involved!

  49. Nothing extra. Thank you.

  50. See above

  51. N/A

  52. -

  53. N/A

  54. Very grateful for this process. Thank you.

  55. Is this training mandatory or can I join whenever I have the time or feel the need too?

  56. Practice brings a lot of learning. Thank you for being welcoming.

  57. Perhaps ask in anyone has any kind of medical/ mental health issues of which others could be more aware?

  58. n/a

  59. Hmm, I would do some work on the intro piece. Just get it nicely ordered and really exciting: I might lose some of the showing around the website part - I felt a little disengaged at that moment. I might have done a little bit of a round before the practice about the practice i.e. what are you excited about / anxious about /questions do you have. I might have added a participant 'my next step' to the end. So the question being 'what is your next practical step to take forward this experience today... ' Mine is to post in a big facebook group in Berlin and ask if people want to join me for an empathy circle ;-)

  60. I enjoyed it, it felt very safe.

  61. Nothing at this time,still kind of processing it all.

  62. Nothing at this time,still kind of processing it all.

  63. It's a continuous learning experience and I'm so grateful that Edwin, Bill and Lou have the wisdom to sail the boat through sometimes stormy seas. I'm reading We the Drowned at the moment so forgive the nautical references:)

  64. thanks, really great Learning

  65. Thank you for creating this experience for so many people. I'm inviting others to create an empathy circle today.

  66. After completing the EC training, may i start an empathy café...

  67. remember to ask people who would like to join before we sign off

  68. None

  69. I think that it was difficult at first to be an active listener, but as the conversation continued it became easier.

  70. I wonder if life experience impacts how an empathy circle unfolds

  71. I am wondering how far through the training it would be recommended to start offering community based empathy circles.

  72. It is nice talking about how social life during the pandemic has effected people.

  73. N/A

  74. I enjoyed the practice being structured (time & format) but the process being organic, safe and open.

  75. I think this is a wonderful tool to spread to all human beings.

  76. nothing - looking forward to more

  77. Would love to hear more about how empathy circles are bridging divides

  78. Many such events ☺️

  79. It was great

  80. can feel my confidence& skills starting to grow, and anxiety is easing

  81. A great process for holding empathy for each other. For family & community.

  82. NA

  83. When will there be a Europe (GMT) cohort / XR cohort?

  84. none

  85. It wasn't quite clear how long we should expect the breakout rooms to last.

  86. Awsome

  87. I need to research the face book page that has the info. But I do find info online harder to absorb.

  88. It was very valuable to me

  89. Not so much a question just to express a little confusion about the next steps. All the dates & times on Facebook are a little daunting/confusing. I guess I would ask can we just get on with doing some circles before doing the training? Sounds like we have to wait some time to get onto a training?

  90. N/A

  91. I love to hear information on you work with schools particularly with youth and teachers

  92. It was great. Thank you for the amazing work and for putting this out into the world.

  93. It was a shame one of our group couldn't stay for long. But it did work well with only 3.

  94. When will the next cohort likely happen and when is an appropriate time for me to sign up?

  95. What will be the format of the 2.5 hour sessions?

  96. --

  97. When is our next meeting? Or I forgot if there is another one this Saturday?

  98. Really impressed with the people and the energy. I would like to see more about results and effects. As a result of attending empathy circles, this group of people did...

  99. What do I do now?? I am not on fb but will check out the website

  100. Looking forward to more of it

  101. I think it can be very beneficial especially as in most contexts a simple formalised structure is not used to enable deeper empathic communication. Power issues usually come into play. I like that everyone comes into the meeting and participates in the meeting with equal roles.

  102. na

  103. I prefer 5 min allowance for speaker/Active Listener. That extra minute seems to allot a better timeline thereby making it easier to unpack my thoughts as the speaker.

  104. the difference between empathy circle and listening circle

  105. I feel it is an excellent opportunity for improving communication skills.

  106. I had an opportunity for a few questions to be answered after the cafe.

  107. None at this time.

  108. None at this time.

  109. At this point none

  110. No questions

  111. I'm curious about the upcoming Monday cohort that is open to all, but is specifically designed for Extinction Rebellion. I don't know that organization, but Mondays work much better for me than Saturdays, so I'm curious how well I'd fit with the Extinction Rebellion cohort even thugh I'm not affiliated with that group.

  112. I love this and I feel blessed for having this opportunity.

  113. How did you arrive at this wonderful idea?

  114. I think being on camera is an important component.

  115. It highlight the need for me to increase my development with regards to be reflecting rather than interpreting whilst listening

  116. Stats about the training: number of countries represented by participants. # cohorts relative to how long training has been offered, number of distinct participants

  117. This cafe was *wonderful* -- thank you for this offering!!!

  118. none at this time

  119. na

  120. N/A

  121. It was wonderful -- thank you!

  122. Nothing

  123. Is the schools training 5 sessions as well?

  124. nothing

  125. Great session and introduction to the concept and practice

  126. No further comments, I am keen to check out your website about the details of the training and look forward to the next circle!

  127. insights into the application around different topics

  128. I appreciate how there are no cost barriers and is available to anyone world wide.

  129. Turning off cameras so only the speaker and active listener can be seen will help reduce potential distraction from other participants.

  130. None

  131. Great training, excellent facilitating, nonjudgmental space

  132. When doing Empathy Circles with Family or within your profession, does it matter how many people are involved? Can you do it with just two other people?

  133. It was on a personal note quite a nervous thing for me to participate in but I enjoyed it and will be back

  134. Is there any material for reading on the subject of empathy circle

  135. This is great! Thank all of you for all you do!

  136. no yet

  137. I felt honored and respected in sharing my thoughts and feelings. It's an engaging process that obligates one to fully listen to who's speaking.

  138. Nothing at this time.

  139. Listening seems to be the key skill to empathy, the exercise made that very clear.

  140. This format reminds me of Reevaluation counseling but the response from the active listeners makes this a more meaningful experience.

  141. none

  142. None

  143. In the structured format, create an allowable Organic Space for a Transformative Experience

  144. none

  145. NA

  146. None at this time

  147. n/a

  148. What I'm hearing right now from Carolann needs more unpacking (11:48am PT)

  149. Because I arrived late, I missed how it all works, so I'll have to go back and read through how to sign up, etc.

  150. NA at the moment

What question would you like to see added in this form?

  1. I believe the form is perfect just the way it is :)

  2. None that i can think of

  3. None

  4. don't know

  5. None, this was great.

  6. N/A

  7. Nothing.

  8. What bothered me about the intro session (even if I don't have a specific improvement suggestion). Perhaps also, what my native languages are? Would that help to notice groups of people with a common language and organize trainings in more places/countries?

  9. no thanks

  10. This is good as it is.

  11. None

  12. nothing

  13. None. It fulfils its purpose well.

  14. N/A

  15. N/A

  16. None

  17. None come to mind at the moment.

  18. N/A

  19. N/A

  20. N/A

  21. your experience of the empathy circle on a scale

  22. a paypal button

  23. Paypal button

  24. Not a question, but request.. I went to log in to meeting this afternoon , but couldn not find an email notice with link; would appreciate that each Friday until I figure how to transfer link to my laptop calendar. Thanks

  25. I don't have a question at the moment to add.

  26. I can't think of anything right now.

  27. I don't think there is any for me at the moment.

  28. N/A

  29. How would you like to participate or contribute to bringing about the reality of a Culture of Empathy in your world (home, school, church, community, school, business, etc.)?

  30. I don't know

  31. It's ok!

  32. What are your pronouns?

  33. Nothing extra. Thank you.

  34. None that I can think of.

  35. -

  36. N/A

  37. Did the empathy circle help you understand what being empathetic means?

  38. The above?

  39. n/a

  40. Form seems fine to me. Thanks x

  41. None.

  42. None.

  43. none

  44. Who do you see as an empathic role model

  45. Perhaps, "is there anything you would like to offer in support to build a culture of empathy?" or "would you want any support on your journey to grow in empathy?"

  46. no addition needed :-)

  47. maybe a "sign up" link for the next cohort...

  48. None

  49. What will you take away from this training?

  50. It's all good.

  51. - n/a

  52. N/A

  53. I don't think it's necessary to add more questions.

  54. maybe facilitator feedback? but really it is fine as is.

  55. none

  56. it is a very good questionnaire

  57. N/a

  58. Great setup however ensure attendees understand its a 2 hour session

  59. I can't think of any!

  60. None

  61. I’d like to see what happens if something crops up and you have to miss a training sesssion.

  62. When would you like to start training and can we add you to the waiting list?

  63. N/A

  64. What was most useful? What can we do differently?

  65. If you don't want to continue as a trainer what would you like to do with empathy circles?

  66. thank you

  67. Clarifying which way to put the toggle button to indicate we would like a copy of this response form

  68. --

  69. Not really! It looks good.

  70. Would you mind your emails to be shared with people in your group?

  71. I think it covers everything

  72. I think you have it covered.

  73. na

  74. N/A

  75. What did you gain from this experience? How can you help spread the word?

  76. I think you covered the essential questions!

  77. Empathy in Mediation

  78. No questions

  79. Today I learned that... What's your next step? (some type of action item)

  80. Questions were relevant

  81. What was a difficult or awkward moment for you in the process? Do you know why?

  82. None that I can think of...

  83. I'm curious about people, so I suppose, if I were writing this form, I might've included a question about 'how do you define 'empathy'?' just to get an idea of one's own perspective on it.

  84. Also, I'm a quote-collector (and they can also say a lot about a person), so I tend to indulge that by asking people for their favorite quote, to have a glimpse of who they are in that moment (and also because I want to add to my collection/perspective).

  85. Skills not to let your values and beliefs prevent the process of empathy.

  86. N/A

  87. N/A

  88. No

  89. Would you like to be in the same groups for next time?

  90. nothing

  91. Nothing further

  92. The question of Global Race equality learning tools & forgotten intersectionalities

  93. Did you feel heard?

  94. None

  95. None

  96. I don't have any other question ideas at this time.

  97. This form is fine

  98. Maybe to have a question like out of 10 how would you rate the experience from the training and if need to adjust something room for it to be highlighted should be provided

  99. nothing yet

  100. None

  101. Would you recommend empathy circle(s) to others.

  102. IDK

  103. N/a

  104. Did You Feel you Experienced Empathy? If so, how ?

  105. no question

  106. NA

  107. NA

  108. n/a

  109. Possibly, would you like to be contacted to have a 1:1 conversation about the circle training from a Facilitator, IF of course, that would be something that could be offered up.

  110. NA at the moment