Mirrored Motion

New Extra Mirrored Motion Exercise (to test)Physically Expressing and Mirroring Feelings



1. Exercise Description

When each person's turn to report on learnings

First check-in on how you are feeling, translate that into a motion and/or sound if you wish. Do the motion and the group will mirror it back to you to your satisfaction.  Then continue sharing your debrief.

2. Why are we doing this?

1. Deepening our Empathy

Empathy is about sensing into our own feelings and those of others.

Empathy is based on mirror neuron. When we do an action, there are neurons in our brain that fire. If I wave my hand for example, there are motor neurons that fire.

We have mirror neurons that fire when we see an action. Your neurons fired when you see me way my hand. This helps convey the feeling from one person to another.

Studies have show that our facial muscles will very subtilty mirror others face motions.


2. Deepening our Self-Empathy

Sense into your own feelings and express them will make you more sensitive to what you are feeling and see them reflected back helps. It is moving from words to physicals motion. 

3. Movement is fun and healthy

We are sitting a lot here at the computer and getting some movement is good for us.

3. Facilitators Model This.

Start with the facilitators to model the practice.

Skip if you don't feel like doing it or mirroring the motions