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Time Commitment

Before taking the training, we would like you to be aware of the time commitment involved. Please commit to the times. 

Here is the Time Commitment

There is limited space in each cohort and we usually have a wait list. Be aware that you are taking a spot that someone else could have had.

We have a fixed ratio of trainers to participants. ie. 1 trainer to 3 participants. if you do not attend it impacts the group by throwing off the group size and timings.

We understand that emergences can come up and we have understanding for that. i.e., family, heath, work, etc. issues. Just do your best to hold the time commitment. 


Friend Me 

Friend Me on Facebook and Linked In  if you are on these planforms'

It makes communication on these platforms easier.

Facilitator Support

Join the Facebook Group. 

Empathy Buddy


Session in Brief

Values and Principles 


Session Feedback

Hold an Empathy Circle



Final and Next Steps