5.2 Session 2

Today: Empathy Circle Facilitator Training: Cohort 5: Module 1: Session 2: Practice Facilitation

Greetings Empathy Circle Facilitators

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the training today.

This is the Cohort 5 course website. It is in development.


There are links under Xtra References to the

  • Values list,

  • How to Empathy Circle,

  • Facilitation Challenges,

  • etc.

Be sure to 1. Fill Out Session 1 Feedback Survey

After Each Session Please submit feedback regarding the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Session that you have just completed, including feedback on Session structure, content, and instructors. This helps us better address the needs of participants and develops the training.

Today: Session 2: Practice Facilitation

Date: Wednesday, September 30

Time: 4 pm PT/ 7pm ET /Thursday, Oct. 1, 9 am AEST (Note: Australia Next Day)

Length: 2.5 hours

Location: Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

In Brief

o Welcome Back: by Trainers

o Participant Check-in Report Back

§ Questions?

§ Comments?

§ How was Empathy Buddy Call?

o Exercise: Giving the Empathy Circle How To Instructions.

o Exercise: Facilitating an Empathy Circle.

o Debrief and Q/A

o Facilitator Mutual Support and Empathy Buddy Assignment.

o Fill Out Session Feedback Survey