Producer Role

All the Step to being a Empathy Circle training Producer.
(in Development) The role of the Producer is the set up all aspects of a training Cohort. I'll lay out some of the steps here for training the Producer Trainee Roles.

Launching a Training Cohort Series

Creating the Pages

  • Signup

  • Application

  • Session Feedback

Promotion of a Training Cohort Series

  • Create a Facebook Event

  • Create a LinkedIn Event

Gather the Trainers and Trainees

Signing up Participants

Vetting the Participants

    • You communicate with the people that would like to participate by email.

    • There are email templates and check lists

    • make sure they have done the 2 empathy circles. place them in the wail list until they have.

Email Template List

  • There are many emails to send out.

Create a Menti Meter Form for Participants Most Important Values

    • Cohort 11A: What are your 3 most important values?

    • change to 7 days

    • Voting Link?:

    • View Results?

    • send this link out and have participants fill it out

    • Remind them at the beginning of the first meeting to fill it out

    • do a screen shot of the results and add it to