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Subject: All past cohorts on and this email list and new ongoing Cohort Series

Greetings Empathy Circle Facilitators.

The over 100 people that have taken the Empathy Circle Facilitators training with Lou, Bill and I are now on this list.

Welcome everyone. I will slowly be expanding the email list to others that are interested in taking the training and learning more about empathy circles.

Looking over the cohort group photos below, you can see how the cohort size has grown.. I've found that about 21 participants is a good number for a cohort, with 5 breakout rooms.

The training also keeps improving with each iteration.  With each iteration we add new innovations. Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions.

The most recent  innovation is that each cohort will now continue  as an ongoing cohort series in the same time and day of the week. This will make it easier for those that want to continue into another cohort to become trainees and trainers.  I hope it makes scheduling easier.

Here are some upcoming trainings. Join us again and we will need trainees to help support some of these. 

Cohort 09 Series Wednesdays 10am - Start: March 17

Cohort 9.A Signup   in Progress

Cohort 9.B Signup  Start: March 17

Cohort 9.C Signup   

Cohort 11 Series Thursdays 8pm PST,

Optimized times for US West Coast, Australia to India.

Cohort 11.A Signup   Start:  March 4

Cohort 11.B Signup      

Cohort 11.C Signup    

Cohort 12 Series

Saturdays 10am 

Specials Training for Pandemic Professors.

Cohort 12.A Signup Start: March 13

Cohort 12.B Signup  

Cohort 12.C Signup

Cohort 13 SeriesMondays 10am PST

For Extinction Rebellion Supporters.

Cohort 13.A Signup Start: March 15

Cohort 13.B Signup

Cohort 13.C Signup

Cohort 10