Subject: Join us in COHORT 9.C: Session 1: Wednesdays, April 21: 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST/7pm CEST/ 5am NZ 


We are forming our next Empathy Circle Facilitator Training COHORT 9.C

Signup at: http://bit.ly/Cohort9C-SignUp

Take the training several times so that you can become a trainer of it. It would be a big help if you can invite friends to the Cohort as well.

See the Event Series ON Facebook and ON LinkedInYou can invite friends to these events as well

Dates-TimesWednesdays, 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT/7pm CEST/(Thu, 5am NZ next day*) (2.5 hours) (World Times)

Session 1: April 21     (Thu, April 22, 5am NZ*)   (World Times

Session 2: April 28     (Thu, April 29, 5am NZ*)   (World Times

Session 3: May 05     (Thu, May 06, 5am NZ*)    (World Times)  

Session 4: May 12     (Thu, May 13, 5am NZ*)    (World Times

Session 5: May 19     (Thu, May 20, 5am NZ*)   (World Times

Greetings from Cohort 9A

Help Co-Develop this Open Source Empathy Training

This is an Open Source Empathy Training. This means we invite anyone to use this training curriculum and resources to hold their own trainings. You can use, study, change, distribute and build on it. Just give credit and link back to this training website. We invite you to co-host, co-design, co-develop and co-promote the training for the mutual benefit and well-being of humanity and the planet.  

Greetings from Cohort 9B