7.10 Remind S4

Subject: Cohort 7: Module 1: Session 4. Heads up about adding a Session 5.


I hope your empathy circles are going well. 

I wanted to give you a heads up that we are adding a Session 5 to the training for anyone that can make it. This session we will focus on hearing your feedback to the training, discussing next steps, etc. If you can not make it that is ok.

It is the following week, same day of the week and time.

Date: Wednesday Dec 16, 3pm PT  = Thursday,  Dec 17, 10am AEST

See you for Session 4: 

Session 4: Practice Facilitation with Challenges

Date: Wednesday Dec 09, 3pm PT  = Thursdays,  Dec 10, 10am AEST Time:  3 pm PT/6pm ET,  10 am AEST*  - * Australia, NZ is next day

Session In Brief