Train the Trainers

We are also training people to be trainers of this course. We invite and encourage all participants to take the training multiple times so that you can become a trainer of it.  

You can go at your own pace and take on more and more responsibilities of the training in each cohort.

There may be a few of the participants in each cohort that are trainees. They will have previously taken the training as participants and are now assisting in presenting sections of the training and facilitating the breakout circles, etc. They are on the path to becoming trainers of the course.

Each training cohort is now an ongoing series of cohorts. As soon as one five week cohort finishes, the next week the next one starts. Participants can take the training again as often as they would like and be a trainee. They will learn how to hold the trainings. The best way to learn is to teach.

On this page we will be developing this part of the training. This trainee process is still being developed and refined.


Training Roles and Definitions

Cohort: A cohort is a group that takes the training together. There are 4 to 23 people in a cohort. It is hard to have more than 23 in a cohort because of time constraints. A cohort could have the following:

Participants are taking the facilitator training for the first time. There are 3 to 20 participants per training cohort. They attend the 2.5 hour sessions and are learning to facilitate an Empathy Circle.

Trainees have done the training as a participant and are learning to be an Empathy Circle Facilitator Trainer. They will take the training several times to prepare to be trainers. They will present sections of the training and facilitate breakout circles. There are 1 to 10 Trainees per training cohort. They meet for 30 minutes before and after each session with producers and trainers to prepare for and debrief the session.  

Trainee Levels

Floater A floater is someone that has done the training before and can step into different roles. They can be a trainee, a co-facilitator with a trainee, a trainer, or a participant. They are an extra person in case someone doesn't show up and can participate in a breakout circle where needed. 

Training Team Observer is a person that wants to observer how the training team works but do not have an active training team role. They are a participant but want to start learning how the training team works. They can attend the training team pre and post sessions and just observe. 

Co-Facilitator is when two people facilitate an Empathy Circle or Breakout Room together.

Trainers are experienced with holding Empathy Circles, with how the training unfolds, and can lead a training. There are 1 to 6 per training cohort.  They meet for 30 minutes before and after the training to prepare and to debrief. They are also involved in the design and development of the training.

Producer Trainee is learning to organize an entire training cohort. Such as, publicizing the cohort, promotion on email and social media, organizing the Zoom calls and breakout rooms, scheduling and signups, sending emails and publishing session videos, etc. etc.

Producer is responsible for organizing the entire training cohort. 

Training Designer helps design, develop, expand and improve the training. We are working to develop an open-source empathy training that everyone can learn, use and expand on.

Additional Trainee Tasks

Pre-Session Tasks

Trainers and Trainees meet 30 min before the Session begins to review the Session Scripts.  They decide which sections will be facilitated by which trainer/trainee? They discuss any other issues, etc. Here are links to the scripts.

Cohort Series Promotion Training Team is responsible for keeping the Cohort Series going and full.

An overall goal is to train every person in the world how to take part in and facilitate an Empathy Circle. Part of the training is how to invite people into the Empathy Circle and talk part in an training.  We try to have around 22 participants in each Cohort.

At the end of the Session, the training team has a discussion on the promotion of the next cohort.

Empathy Circle Facilitator Challenges Catalog Design and Development
One of the assignments for Trainers and Trainees in a 5 week training is to take a Facilitation Challenge and write it up. We will add it to the Challenges Catalog.
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