11.03 Ses. 1b

Subject: : Empathy Circle Facilitation Training Session 1: PST Thurs, March 04 / AEDT-IST Fri, March 05, 2021

Greetings all

We are starting Cohort 11A  http://bit.ly/Cohort11SignUpAll Session Location are in Zoom:  https://zoom.us/j/9896109339

The Empathy Circle Facilitation Training Session 1 is 

Times: 8pm PST/ 5pm NZDT (New Zealand)/ 3pm AEDT/ 9:30 am IST(India)/ 8am Dubai

Session 1: PST Thurs, March 04 / AEDT-IST Fri, March 05, 2021 (World Times)

Session 2: PST Thurs, March 11 / AEDT-IST Fri, March 12 (World Times)

Session 3: PST Thurs, March 18 / AEDT-IST Fri, March 19 (World Times) time change

Session 4: PST Thurs, March 25 / AEDT-IST Fri, March 26 (World Times)

Session 5: PST Thurs, April 01 / AEDT-IST Fri, April 02 (World Times)

We Have Space for One More Participant!!

Turns out someone had to drop out and we have space for one more participant. Let me know if there is someone that would like to take part.   Signup here.  http://bit.ly/Cohort11SignUp

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LinkedIn Event Page: https://j.mp/3kHta5U 

Greetings from Cohort 9.A


First Assignment:  Values of a Culture of Empathy and Your Values

In Session 1, we will discuss the values of a Culture of Empathy.

See some of the values here: http://j.mp/CoEValues

If you haven't done so yet.

As soon as possible go to this link at Mentimeter and add your personal 3 most important values.  https://www.menti.com/f2y98z43wu 

You will see this screen.. just add your 3 most important values and click submit.