Cohort 12.D : Final Assignment: Reminder to fill out the Empathy Circle Facilitation Training Course: Evaluation +


Building a Culture of Empathy Together

Greetings Empathy Circle Facilitators

Congratulations on finishing your training!

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We look forward to hearing how your facilitation is going and seeing you in the next trainings. We hope you will become trainers and spread the training widely. A good way to learn is to teach.  You get priority to take part in future trainings as a participant again, or as a trainee. We are also here to support you in setting up your own training cohorts.

Join the Next Cohort here: ??? 

1. Training Course: Written Evaluation & Feedback. 

We have asked for a lot of feedback.. Here is the final full course evaluation form.

Please take this last step and fill out the course Evaluation as soon as possible.  It really helps develop the training to get your insights into a written form. Plus we love reading them!

2. Empathy Buddy Call.

For more on support see, 

We have paired you up with someone else in the training. This is the final Empathy Buddy call for this cohort. However, we invite you all to say in contact and join us in the next cohort. 

 3. Donate to Support the Work

If you would like to contribute to supporting this work, you can make a donation by going to

1. this Facebook fundraiser, "Help Design and Host a Free Empathy Circle Facilitator Training"

or 2.  here on PayPal.

See you soon.