Carl Rogers

About Carl Rogers and Empathic Listening (Active Listening, Reflective Listening)

The work we do in this training on developing our empathy, empathic listening and facilitation skills, is based on the work of Carl Rogers. The process is interchangeably called: Empathic Listening, Active Listening or Reflective Listening . Carl developed the basic practice in the therapeutic counseling setting where he did deep listening with client. He is considered one of the top 3 most influential Clinical Psychologists of all time.

We are taking the practice our of the therapy setting and building on this basic practice and mindset and bringing it into group relationships and communication.

To deepen your understanding of the foundation of this practice, here are some more resource to review for the training.

Sample Carl Rogers Empathic Listening

Here is a web page of Carl Rogers listening to people using empathic listening. You can see how the developer of the process did it.