5. Any Questions?

Any other questions or comments?










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no. Thank you!!

I'm very excited and hopeful to discover this course. Thank you for essential work.

I plan to attend another empathy circle tomorrow

Maybe I will need ideas on how to break the ice on this effort as I try it.

I wish to express my commitment to fulfilling requirements before the start of training - the two videos and the two empathy circles. This is amazing and I wish not to miss such a great opportunity! Thank you.

I may have questions after attending Empathy Circles this month. Will keep you posted.

Not yet

I'm good so far.

Looking forward to joining this group


let's get going :-)

I am looking forward to becoming a more active part of this inspiring impulse.



I'm just grateful and look forward.


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Waiting forward to taking part in this training :)

Can't wait!


Thank you for your initiatives!


I am really looking forward to this work. I believe that it will be a great asset to our organization.




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No, just deeply grateful to you for doing this. Wishing the very best for you.

I am looking forward to participating in the training. I love being in community.

Thank you for this course!

I plan to participate to at least one more Empathy Circle introduction Cafe and also to organize one in February with some of my colleagues.

none, thanks

I'm so excited about empathy circles! Considering to change my first name to Empathy and my last name to Circle ^_^



I will join the two sessions this week and in the next, I hope it is fine. Thanks a lot for the opportunity! :-)

I am so looking forward to learning more about your process and helping to facilitate and embody empathy more fully.

May I join the Cohort 9.

Thank you.

I am looking forward to the training


thank you

Nope :)

I feel excited and nervous about this. Worried I'll make mistakes ;-)


None, thank you



I'd like to participate in two empathy circles as requested before the next cohort training (if I am permitted) but the options offered do not fit my schedule. What is a solution for that? Thank you!

Thank you





not asked. got dropped from this form for some reason


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Doing Empathy Circles still makes me pretty nervous. Facilitating Empathy Circles *really* makes me nervous! Need more practice.

I never knew about your initiative is doing such work. Glad to have found you!

Is this training only for people who have a plan as to where they want to do empathy circles?

Can I take note while I was an active listener? As non-native English speaker, I sometimes wanted to note some key words, but during that time I could not contact eyes of speaker. So I wonder if it is ok to take note during active listening

Thank you so much.

When will i find out if i have a place?

No thank you

I hope perhaps you will start a second cohort at the Tuesday time/day? Or weekday afternoons EST.


All good

No, thank you.

No Thank u

Thank you for bringing this to all.

Does this put me in line to join a cohort when there's space?

None for now.

want to take with wife, Susan Christy


I am so impressed with the quality of the materials and their presentation! The story I'm telling myself is: it is obvious that a LOT of work and many hours have gone into the project so far to get to this point. Very professional looking yet remaining simple in execution. On of the quotes that comes to mind is about how a communicator takes something complex and makes it simple to understand, while an educator takes something simple and makes it (seem) complex. I believe that a secret to getting this valuable process into more places is keeping it simple. Bravo! I also like the presentation of "enough" info to get a sense of the subject or topic then having a link for a deeper dive. That way the reader is in control of which rabbit hole they want to explore in the moment. I appreciate the passion of those that have contributed to the work so far - I'm impressed and want to participate in the effort!

Two comments, I plan to watch all pre-requisite videos and attend two more Circles prior to January 2021; and thank you for making this training available and accessible. I hope you will consider my application.

Thank you for offering this training! It feels like very important work and I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the E circle earlier today.

I have facilitated two-day listening trainings in corporations. More to learn... I want to take training with my husband, Marlin Boisen

everything's clear, thank you :)

This is something I am very interested in doing.



I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn to facilitate.

Thank you for creating this! I look forward to mutual inspiration and practice and growth and teamwork!


I'd like to attach a short attachment.

Gratitude for this opportunity. I will watch the videos next. Concerned about having to use Fb.

Thank you for offering this I am so greatful

Sorry I couldn't stick it through last time! I've regained some centre and ready to move forward with the training :-)

Looking forward to starting the training very much. Thank you Edwin

excited to be joining another training opportuntiy

No comments


Look forward to your sessions to learn more!

I'm looking forward to getting started






No thank you

I am filling this out early, with the thought that I will complete all three orientation sessions and three Empathy Circles as is required. As of today 10/13 I have completed 1 of those 3.

Only that I'm very much looking forward to the training and to taking the practice out into the world to help build a much needed culture of empathy :)

No thanks

I look forward to meeting others who are interested.


Thanks, Edwin.

Thank you

Thank you so very much. I see the potential to be a better person through this process. Also I have attended two sessions and will attend next Sunday, which will make three. I plan to watch the 25 min. "How To" video this week.

Thank you for making this possible

thank you

Thank you for your work!

Thank you for all you do, and for giving me the opportunity to benefit from the training (though again, I do realize there might not be room for me in this upcoming cohort).

No, all good. I very much hope that I can attend some kind of training soon.

Thank you for doing this!




I signed up to attend the Facilitator Information on this coming Tues 15th Sept on zoom if you would like to discuss some more about any of my application, thanks again & hopefully there might be a space

Cant wait!

No questions at this time, just eager to engage

I'm looking forward to get involved in the training so that my dream to building trust, team building and empathetic communication. Many startups have collapse in Uganda due to poor communication! I'm sad about this! See you in the training

  Many startups have collapse in Uganda due to poor communication! I'm sad about this! See you in the training

Thanks for setting this up! :)

No, thank you.


Meeting people with passion for emapthy is a big plus...

Thank You so much!


Thank you for doing this! <3

If offering this through the Charter Education Institute is of interest to you then it would be great to set up a time to chat. We are working on our 2021 programming now.




Not at the moment.

I will watch the videos mentioned

This global bringing together of so many people all struggling to make a better world by naming and visioning and struggling to overcome violence and difficulties personal and social is what creates peace makers

Just thought I'd share, I have graduated from CFT Life coaching course. I'm learning more and more about NVC (I understand this has nothing to do with NVC). I also am a certified yoga teacher and believe in healing.

How do I keep in touch with building a culture of Empathy so that to strengthen my sessions whenever I need help in terms of facilitations?


I will be attending a third café hopefully before the training is starting but please consider that reflecting is part of my job. I am interested in learning more about the facilitation side of things.


As an artist I have an idea in my mind that I want to explore. 'What does art and empathy look like' or 'How does art relate to empathy'. I'm also curious to see how these Empathy Circles connect to other circleing and listening practices.

I have no other questions.

Not right now

Looking forward to go through the training!

I have followed Marsh Rosenberg's work for a few years now, and I coined a new field of study called Empath*ology. My goal is to collaborate on a new form of education that allows us to study together the science of empathy, the spirit of empathy, and all else that empathy impacts. Anyone can take part, kind of like a field like psychology. I'd love to have alternate school systems that can help people be empathizers for those that don't quite need counseling but just need someone to listen and reflect what they heard the other person say.

I just realized the Empathy Circle were just a first step for training our empathy skills and I was wondering if it’s possible to learn more about the conflicts resolution inside a local group?


Thank you for all you do!

I will go to the Friday 31 empathy circle to get a third one in - I couldn’t make one of the three I had planned before the training.





Heartfelt thanks for giving us this opportunity.

no, that's it for now. I really like this survery.

No. I will watch the videos mentioned above.

Thank you.

I would like to sign up, I do want to be able to attend a work event today, so may have to bow out early


looking forward to join as many as possible, for ever, and ever!