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If you are in this cohort, this is a good page to bookmark and refer back to. It has important links for this training Cohort.
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LOCATION: Weekly Session Zoom Room: TBD

Sessions Dates/Times
(Times 10am PT/1pm ET)

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These are all the pages for Cohort 1

    • 13.F SignUp - Google Doc Cohort signup page. List of all trainers and participants.

    • 13.F Apply - Google form to apply to take part in the Cohort.

    • 13.F Feedback - Post your weekly feedback after each session. Post questions as well that will be answered in the session.

    • 13.F Training Team - This is the presentation table for the Trainers/ees. You can see what part of the training you will be presenting.

    • 13.F Evaluation - After the 5 week training this is a google form for giving a full course evaluation. Give your feedback so we can improve the training.

    • 13.F Certificates - A google folder that has copies of the certificates of completion you can download.

    • 13.F Testimonials - A page for the testimonial from participants about how the training was for them. Hopefully glowing reviews.

    • Cohort Communications - Here are some ways to communicate with the Cohort members. You can email each other and there are also Chat rooms on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can discuss and ask for support, etc.

    • Join the Facebook Empathy Facilitator Support Group - Only for people who have taken or are taking the training. This is a group for mutual support for Empathy Circle/Cafe facilitators that are or have taken part in the facilitator training. Try to keep posts related to the topic of facilitating Empathy Circles and Cafes or about training and developing the practice. This is also a place to request facilitation support from other Empathy Circle Facilitators

    • Mentimeter -Coming soon - Add your 3 most important values to this questionnaire.

Donations ($0 to $300+)
This work is by donation and sliding scale. We try to make it accessible to as many people as possible. We recommend the scale of $0 to $300 or more as your ability to pay.
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Here are the video recordings of the Sessions

Admin Facilitator Scripts
Training scripts for Trainers and Trainees.