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Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator? 

I love it because it calms my nerves of much stress and I want to bring in more Africa participants

I think it is very important and valuable and contributes to making the world a better place.

To spread the practice of the Empathy Circles and help build the Culture of Empathy

I am interested because I believe the more we offer Empathy circles, the more compassionate we become, and the more compassionate we become, we can assist others in dong the same. The world needs more compassionate empathetic people to decrease conflict, stress, grief and the "What's in it for me" way of being.

When we connect on a human level and are able to listen, learn and understand one another, we all win...because we are essentially allowing more joy, peace and ease in our lives. These circles and style of listening creates greater self awareness and help resolve interpersonal and professional conflicts.

I see this as a most effective means of communication in all kinds of extreme situations; I see that we will need this kind of space-holding on all levels, in our collective future.

I believe that Empathy and empathetic listening is required to create a collaborative culture. I also believe that it helps with decreasing conflict. As a mediator and trainer, facilitating Empathy Circles will help people simply listen, which is a fundamental element of empathy. It puts into practice removing judgement and biases because you are using focused listening.

I want to learn to facilitation, listening and conflict management skills as part of my work as an equity, diversity and inclusion coach/trainer.

I would *love* to use this approach to have discussions around critical race theory….and I also think it is useful in so many other ways. I think this world needs *much* more empathy!

I find it healing and believe it heals others.

I am a compassion focused psychotherapist and use mindfulness based practices in my work ...I think the empathy circle work is an amazing gift to our communities and a movement I would love to be part of and contribute to in my own community . I would like to be able to offer this in a local cic working with social and green prescribing for vulnerable groups.

This is something I can implement with my work as a DEI trainer and Leadership coach. I have also been involved in Peace Education workshop in the Philippines and facilitated a training for LGBTQ in Greece/Philippines. I plan to incorporate it in the work.

So I can bring it to Brighton XR

I'm interested in becoming an empathy circle facilitator so I can comprehend it and implement it into conversations in my life to allow clear communication and understanding whenever and wherever.

Growth/ with my clients

To apply at the hospital that I work for to help staff who need it

Would love to do this work in my community and beyond, as well as integrate into my Diversity, Equity, Inclusion work.

I believe bringing empathy to any situation creates a space for trust, growth, authenticity, respect, and active listening. I love to be apart of classes and trainings around topics like this anytime I am lucky enough to run into them.

I am chief Nursing Officer and a father of a child with Edward syndrome (on Palliative care )

I really believe in this work and this it would help me personally and professionally. I am a mediator for school communities, families and businesses. I sure could have used this during the last few years of my teaching career (ended 2018) when things became so divisive in my school community. I wish I had had this training under my belt then.

To learn more about Empathy , to be an example to others and to coach others.

teaching and facilitating empathy is central to my work and life.

i need to train to be able to create a empathy circle no the campus

So I may have a chance giving them here and help train people here in a much needed times

i believe in NVC and also this helped me to connect more to myself and my family members

To starting one for here

I want to bring more listening and empathy to schools: for students, for teachers, for families

another way I can add value to my community via my ADR business

I study one of the darkest aspects of humanity as a professional historian and my research as an anthropologist isn’t much sunnier. It is important to me not to lose my humanity, or belief in the humanity of others.

It's going to help my work here at street roots and we are moving into bigger blg. getting us the to act in way that would help the unhouse and house talk to one another bring the city to on grass root level I'm looking forward to growing in my own selfwheath

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles? 

African circles

Remotely or in-person

Romania and worldwide

Online, with marginalized community’s such as foster care youth, mental health specialists and professionals throughout Alameda County and beyond.

For now, local to my area: in council for community building, truth and reconciliation movements, decolonization and democracy building processes


In my trainings that I facilitate on empathy I speak a lot about listening, but teaching people how to listen can sometimes be difficult. Providing a circle like this would help these organizations that I work with a pathway to truly understanding the process of becoming more empathetic.

In webinars/online training, within corporate environments as part of employee resource groups, workshops, etc.

For now, online, with my university students

In groups I work with - church, political groups etc

Apart from what I mention above ...I am interested in offering this to local colleges as part of a covid recovery response for my community . Spaces for people to tell there stories and be received and completely heard is central to the healing journey much needed in our communities.

Online and in-person. USA and internationally


In the social settings and contexts. School, work, at home.

In Schools/ private practice groups

At a hospital

Quad Cities & beyond (Illinois/Iowa border)

Second Chance events, prison, and in my town.

In our organization Fakeeh Care hospital. Jeddah

Schools for sure. Maybe with women's groups, families and businesses.

Everywhere that it is possible.

Work and where its needed.

in the universty campus

In our community and the new blg

That we are moving to and to my staff which is unhoused people so that

Workplace and family

At my job in Portland Oregon at Street Rootsi


in my immediate community and on Zoom

Lost Souls Sanctuary, a local nonprofit organization I founded for area homeless.

Portland at parks in our headquarters

What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles? 

Emotional and psychological rebirth

People feeling seen, heard, listened to and valued. Also practicing listening, empathy and understanding.

The understandings one finds about themselves and the world by simply listening to others and being listened to.

Compassion, Self-Awareness, Patience, Improved Listening Skills, Greater Inter-personal Relationships, Better Communication and Conflict Resolution.

As opening to the very rich in-between worlds, where parties can feel more heard, seen, and valued, with the goal of finding common or cooperative ground from which to build real solutions.

Learning and Growing ❤ Together

Help small groups of people to learn how to listen and be intentional about listening. When we are more intentional about listening we tend to not be a judgmental and quiet our own biases. When people feel heard, they feel valued and when people feel valued we can move solutions forward.

Building greater understanding and relationships between human beings, especially people who have opposing viewpoints.

I think that people need to be heard much more in this world. I think that we need to listen more deeply to each other. And I think it feels wonderful, it makes our relationships better, and that the world *needs* this practice!

It's a way of de-accelerating situations and enabling people to connect

Connection - Reconnection - Healing.

Spaces to be - Human........


Reminiscent of indigenous practices - honouring respect and gathering in a circle ...ceremony ritual

I see all of the above as precious things we have and can lose touch with ...that we need to clear space for and remember ...

For the healing of our communities and our Earth .

It reprograms our nervous system and create deeper and more meaningful connection with people. It's what the world needs.

A chance to be open, express feelings, be honest, feel heard. Peace

Teaches empathy and communication skills, especially listening skills. Emphasis on how listening can create more understanding.

Giving the person a voice

It's boosts connection

Defuse conflict & tension. Discuss difficult issues. Unleash self and others from bias, misconceptions, and avoidance.

I will soon learn all of them. Love, care, respect, learning, and growth.

Reflection, learning experiences and supporting each other...perhaps compassion renewal sometimes

It would help tremendously with the sense of separation/isolation so many face. Even before Covid and the political divisiveness, people seemed to be connecting authentically less and less. The use of cell phones, headphones and social media has made it harder to find empathy, listening and even compassion. I worry about kids who are growing up under these conditions and it is our responsibility to give them tools for communication, connection and empathy.

Foster greater understanding ,kindness; Make everyone feel included and develop a sense of belonging ,Less conflict, hurt and misunderstands, and more peace in the world

It brings people into the experience of practicing empathy and allows them to feel how powerful it is.


Understanding of each other side of things to growing need of listen to each other no

Deeper connections , more understanding of others why. Awareness that every person is different

In my work and with my coworkers

People need to feel listened to

provides opportunity and environment to be heard and foster relationships

The benefits of empathy circles are firstly stress relief, the second is relationship building, a third would be fostering a kinder community.

giving people the chance to be hear and understood in away good for all

Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this application? If so, what are they? 



not at this time

Understanding Empathy and Listening

With working adults sometimes unexpected things can happen, if I were to add anything to the process I would say allow the participants an option to drop in on a training class if they were to miss a training class in their cohort. With the option that this can only happen one time.

What would be my role, going through this the second time? Would I still be a regular participant, or a trainee? I just don’t know when one becomes a trainee….


Yes, does this promote the bystander effect. Also what about egotism and narcissistic traits.




Is there an option if one has a work conflict to get a make up date?


nothing getting as of now :)

These are good questions

I cannot think of any just at the moment.

no not at this time