13.A Feedback

Session 1: 7 responses

Session 2: 2 responses

Session 3: 2 responses

Session 4:

  1. I ran a work circle where participants had been signed up by their manager and didn’t personally choose to come. I reflectivity listened to their feelings about it. Next session I will check this out at the beginning.

  2. Experienced difficulties and how to prepare best for IRL events. Has the trainers used empathy circles as part of / even as an XR action ? Love to hear about circles on Anns walk to G7

  3. I can imagine it can be hard for people who have had bad experience of XR , i e their company being critizied/ blocked and mocked, to come when invited

What was most valuable about this Session for you?

  1. discussing goals/merits for creating a culture of empathy

  2. Great to have the check ins to get to know people and a solid amount of time in an empathy circle

  3. The ability to learn about empathy in an empathetic setting

  4. to see how my experience is of listening similar to other people

  5. Practicing empathic listening with others

  6. EC practice

  7. Doing some empathy circle activity

What would you change about the Session to make it better for you?

  1. ?

  2. There’s quite a lot of trainees delivering different bits of the session it would be good for them to have that in their name.

  3. na

  4. i think that the first and last circles are not needed because it takes too mutch time and doesnt give us time to express meaningfull information and i think that it would be better not to record and use the circles because it give less privecy so its less cofortable to share freely.

  5. unsure but I think even facilitators can struggle with knowing when to stop speaking and how to help the listeniner to understand.

  6. Nothing

What questions are in your mind right now about facilitating Empathy Circles? (We will try to address these at the beginning of the next Session.)

    1. Have you any insights on deepening the empathy circle experience

    2. how do we best address the barrier of people who won't join an empathy circle because they feel victimized by another participant, and they feel like they are conceding to them by participating? This came up reading some of the comments of why folks didn't want to join the Santa Cruz remediation circle.

    3. how do I (as a facilitator) gently and lovingly pry people apart if they inadvertently end up at each other's throats?

    4. Restorative empathy circles, I wonder if in my challenge weeks i could practise these skills

    5. Opening up the concept to people who are adverse to try it

    6. i wonder how to use it to get a decision together as a group

    7. How can we help paricipants communicate what is on your mind and/or the topic suggested effectively? Is there an understanding among my fellow circlers that communication requires both parties to pay attention to form? What are our expectations about how others' understand us?

    8. Nothing major, dealing with different and challenging situations I guess, but that will come.

    9. When and I going to do it and with who?

What is a Empathy Circle Facilitation Challenge you have experienced, have seen or imagine having? Describe it and any questions, concerns, comments, ideas, etc. about it? (we will try to address those in the Session.)

  1. As above I wonder if the mediating skills could be role played in the challenge week maybe with other members looking to explore this also

  2. If people close up due to it being to vulnerable and refuse to participate

  3. Some speakers don't seem to know what they want to say. I have notice that if and when a speaker starts to quote authors and texts too often, the listening part is much harder.

  4. Above challenging situations. How to deal with someone not really reflecting eg adding comments, advice or judgements.

  5. Having a participant that I don't know who is argumentative and essentially not really interested in having empathy for others.

Write a question you think we could add to this post-session survey?

  1. ?

  2. None I can think of

  3. na

  4. what understandings would you take to your life from this circle? (what new did you learn from your sharings or other peoples sharings?

  5. How can the learning inheretn in taking part in the Circle be made more explicit?

  6. -

  7. What feelings did you have during the session?