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Any Organizational Affiliations (Are you part of any Extinction Rebellion group, and if so, which one?)


Pandemic Professors

I have applied to the Wandsworth group

no, not yet


XR Cascadia Coalition and Red Rebel Brigade



I am involved with XR, but not sure if I am in a particular Rebellion Group

XR Aotearoa New Zealand

Extinction Rebellion, Animal Rebellion

XR France, Global Support & CO0


: Where did you take part in Empathy Circles and who facilitated them?

Zoom. Edwin and Leen

Pandemic Professors, Bee Kreigh

On-line. Graham from Ontario, Canada facilitated it.

i took part in the circle today with Bill/Will on Empathetic listening in schools

online, Edwin Rutsch and others

Zoom calls with Edwin

With Edwin and Ann on 19thApril2021

I have done the training with you before and held my own circles since then

I am attending the 'Rebellion of one ' and the 'How might we create a culture of empathy in schools through empathic listening?' (29th of April) Online before I attend the intro to EC Facilitator training on Friday (30th April).

Not done so yet. Tomorrow evening and next Mon

Empathy training and empathy circles in XR. One person that facilitated was Lynda Duffill

Not applicable.


Through the Empathy Circle Cafes via Zoom (08.01.21 and 12.02.21)

In France and with the « Building a Culture of Empathy » team

I have facilitated circles myself in XRCymru, in my local community. I have taken part in circles as part of training in cohort 9.

EC Cohort 9 (A, B, and C), One XR EC, plus others

Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator?

I want to encourage groups to fo that, also i want ro create a community that does it every day.

I want to help build my empathic skills and learn how to teach those to others

To become a better listener, to become an empathy circle facilitator

from a young age i lacked empathy and got myself into a lot of trouble at school and caused alot of trauma to others around me. i have started a journey picking up the pieces and healing myself and those i have wronged. i would love to have the skills to help others develop empathy so we may live with less trauma and more understanding, connection with each other.

I am a Focusing Trainer and offer a changes-group in my city, a place for listening; I am interested in getting to know more ways of listening in order to offer it in my group

We're beyond fucked and bickering and blaming amongst ourselves is holding us back from making the changes we need to make. I also get very sad by people resorting to blaming and hating, instead of trying to understand their 'opponents'. We're all in this together. We must work on this together.


I want to deepen my empathy skills for meditation and possibly become a trainer

I work in education and specialise in wellness in young people. I would like to gain the skill to facilitate Empathy Circles because I think it would greatly benefit my community. Looking into how my work can contribute to the XR movement; I believe as a school we can make an impact and many young minds can be informed about the movement. Ecological crisis has taboo around it and therefore I would really value having some more training on how to facilitate groups where these matters will be discussed. I also believe it will help me in my personal life.

This is because I believe that the internal process of facing up to climate change is essential to the work that needs to be done but needs care and support to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

I think Empathy Circles are very valuable and important in many ways, I enjoy and appreciate the process myself and would get joy and satisfaction sharing this with others.

I consider this to be The pivotal work, our 'how' (deep listening) so that our 'what' can unfold fruitfully, whether this is personal or interpersonal. Lack of knowledge, skills and space where empathy circle work can happen is critical to movement/organisational wellbeing, success working together and wider system transformation. I've been a participant and trainee facilitator in an abuse prevention organisation, I'm a trained homeopath and actively involved in many XR circles at a local, national and network level. Facilitator work is congruent with all of this, within XR circles and allied movements and organisations across the movement ecology.

I want to become a mature citizen of the world by practicing empathy myself and sharing the value of empathy with others.

Because I believe that we should learn how to really listen and we all deserve to be really heard.

To train the others and develop empathy

I think ECs offer great opportunity to connect with other people, the capacity for conflict resolution and offer an alternative culture of mutuality from the power over culture we are often used to experiencing.

Empathy Circling is a powerful relational skill - I would like to learn this skill.

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles?

In my family, friends, activists groups and everywere else.

I would love to facilitate a circle in my work place

at home with my family, with friends, at work, maybe online with others. Right now i dont have "a Plan" but i know i can do some real good with these skills

in the changes-group, in places I work or are engaged already (filed of immigration)

anywhere the Universe sees fit for me to do so

Southend on Sea, and on zoom

At work and online communities I am part of

The school I work in is 'Worksop College and Ranby House'

Devon or online

Online and also at small gatherings.

XR Aotearoa New Zealand, Waka Mauri Ora (Vessel of Wellbeing-Life Principle

potentially in SF Bay Area

First within my own personal circles (primarily friends) but hopefully in different situations (e.g. professional) where people would benefit from more empathy - so pretty much anytime, anywhere, in any situation where people are open to the idea.

In France

In my community and within XR


What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles?

Understanding of ourselves and each other. Meaningfull communication.

Most people walk around their life not feeling like they are seen and heard on the deepest level and I believe taking part in empathy circles helps develop those skills in all of us

Improved communication, improved ability to see another's point of view, improved decision making with win-win outcomes

i believe an improved level of empathy can create a community/ family and eventually a world that understands each other and is there for each other supporting each other. less of an competitive individualistic focused society more of a compassionate communal society.

cultivating a mutual way of attentive empathetic listening

Uniting people across all cultures and social groups, and recognizing our one-ness both as a species, and as part of the earth.

To help facilitate open dialogue, to help people to clarify their thoughts and feelings and to bridge differences and learn to see through the eyes of another. Also how they sound when speaking as received by others.

Improves relationships, builds trust, helps me be more mindful, good for stress busting.

To provide a space which can help individuals to open up because they feel safe, affirmed, not judged. I believe climate change, death and many other difficult but meaningful subjects are not spoken about enough, especially with young people. These topics cause a lot of anxiety in some young people and having a space which facilitates sharing for all is so valuable for young people's wellness. On top of this it will increase awareness of key issues and perhaps inspire some to take action.

People can cope better with their feelings including grief. People practice and learn the skills of listening.

They can contribute to improved mental health and emotional and spiritual development. They can also contribute on a cultural level to greater creativity, understanding and authentic relating between people as well as mitigating the toxic and pathological effects of social power hierarchies.

Empathy, creativity, conflict resilience, personal awareness and growth, collective and individual wellbeing.

connection, vulnerability, safe space, humility

Learning how to let someone express themselves without bringing our own ego into the discussion. Learning how to really listen and reflect back. Learning to express oneself and being comforted in the knowledge that the active listener is truly listening.

A better understanding of the others

Offers opportunity to speak your truth without fear of judgement. Offers connection over basic human needs and feelings for those on opposition with one another.

They teach us how how to listen (to ourselves and others); teaches how to empathise (with ourselves and others); teaches how to explore the inner reaches of ourselves and our others, entering completely different and awesome worlds; and they teache us how to empower ourselves and our others.

Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this application? If so, what are they?

not sure

How do you ensure confidentiality?


Can't think of any right now.

Am tired, hard to critique, so won't answer now.


Any other questions or comments?

Only that i sugest not to use the term "cafe" regarding empathic circles. Cafein like other drugs reduces our mental abilities inclufing listening.



I have only done one training so far but i found it really helpful for myself to open up about things. i really enjoyed the training and immediately see the value of this.

See above

Bring it on :)

I really se how beneficial this is for XR especially when holding the grief of others and ourselves as we watch our world die. I would like to be able to hold space for people as they learn the truth and learn ways to support the emergent emotional responses, to be able to cope with the fury and despair with compassion and empathy. To be able to hold strong and stable.


I hope that my application is successful despite having not attended any Empathy circles when filling out this form. I will have attended the required amount by the facilitator training intro this Friday 30th April. I would like to express that I am serious about this training and I believe it is a key but currently missing component in the work I am trying to do in my community. Thank you for considering my application.

I will attend empathy circles online over the next two weeks hoping to be in the #13 cohort. 13 is a good number!

Not at the moment.

I'm also really interested in Restorative Circles as inspired by Círculos Restaurativos and the work by Dominic Barter in Brazil.


Looking forward to it!

Everything is fine thank you

I look forward to taking the training again.