12.C Apply

35 Applications

Your City and Country

    1. Toronto, Canada

    2. Maynooth, Ireland

    3. Berlin, DE

    4. Windsor, ON, Canada

    5. Mbarara- Uganda

    6. Philadelphia, USA

    7. Lenexa, United States

    8. Boston USA

    9. Nyagatare-Rwanda

    10. Santa Fe New Mexico USA

    11. San Diego, United States of America

    12. Lagos, Nigeria

    13. Ibadan Nigeria

    14. Atlanta / United States

    15. Santa Clara, CA USA

    16. Philadelphia

    17. Lisboa, Portugal, Europe

    18. Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    19. Pickering, ON, Canada

    20. Laguna Niguel USA

    21. London, UK

    22. Arlington TX USA

    23. Calicut INDIA

    24. Lafayette Louisiana

    25. KELLER ,TX - USA

    26. Kansas City, MO

    27. Brattleboro, VT

    28. Phoenix \ Arizona \ USA

    29. Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

    30. Surry, Me , USA

    31. Cape Town South Africa

    32. State College, PA

    33. Berkeley, CA

Any Organizational Affiliations

    1. No

    2. N/A

    3. None

    4. Pandemic Professors

    5. non

    6. Nothing

    7. None at this time

    8. American Red Cross, Good Shepherd Shawnee

    9. University of Rwanda

    10. Student of Yoram Mosenzon (Connecting2Life, Amsterdam), volunteer with NVC Rising Empathy Cafe.

    11. Job Developer, Center for Employment Opportunities

    12. NASoW

    13. University of Ibadan

    14. Association of Talent Development

    15. n/a

    16. COMHAR

    17. American Indian Health Services of Chicago

    18. NO

    19. Beyond Adjusting


    21. Antioch University New England

    22. None.

    23. ispeakcompassion (my NVC training busness)

    24. Penn State University

    25. Alameda Health System

Preparation: Where did you take part in Empathy Circles and who facilitated them?

    1. Planning to take part in Empathy Circles with Pandemic Professors

    2. Through your organization, and one-on-one

    3. Just finished Cohort 12B

    4. Produced by Edwin

    5. none

    6. They were called Community Circles, (SEEDS in Berekely, CA) and a harm circle (IIRP/Buxmont Academy) in Pennsylvania)

    7. Took Cohort 12B

    8. In a Zoom meting today 7/26

    9. Linkedin. Cannot remember the name of facilitator. He was from Ontario, Canada

    10. Rwanda, university of Rwanda

    11. On Zoom with Anish and Natalia Menon. At 2 NVC Rising global Empathy Cafes.

    12. I haven't taken any yet. The only date available is July 10 and I've already got commitments.

    13. N/A

    14. An NGO

    15. I have not participated yet. After completing the application, I will plan a session to attend.

    16. With Bill at FB event about Empathy Circles for schools

    17. I have not taken it yet

    18. Bill in 24 of July

    19. Bill

    20. The introductory Cafes

    21. Culture of Empathy Facilitation Training- Edwin Rutsch/Francesca

    22. LinkedIn - Edwin

    23. I am scheduled to see the first on July 31st

    24. In zoom facilitated by Bill

    25. Edwin


    27. Edwin Rutsch

    28. Francesca and Edwin

    29. I have already completed Cohort 12 B training.

    30. 1- Online from a linked in Invite - it was facilitated by the organizer. 2- At home with my family - I organized it to try it.

    31. I took part in the Empathy Circles online. They were facilitated by Rasha Mohammed, Graham, Sheima, and Cita.

    32. Facebook....Cat Pence

    33. Catherine Cadden and Jaya Manske online and Wake up and walk towards, Anish Menon his Monday sessions, Emma Buggy and Natalia Menon at the NVCGlobal Rising Fest, Samual Odhiambo and myself organised two for South African participants

    34. Both online with Edwin Rutsch and Lou

Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator?

I am passionate about conscious and mindful living. I want to develop generative and empathetic listening skills both professionally and personally.

To gather courage to start doing it on my own

I am interested in cultivating greater empathy in my own life, and encouraging more in the world through leading empathy circles. Creating deeper relational bonds.

Personal and career development

in my institute

I will be a school counselor in the fall. I also want to become better at demonstrating and teaching empathy to students.

I would like to cultivate the experience of empathy in my life and assist others in cultivating it in their lives.


Increase listening skills

I want to grow my leadership skills and make it known in Rwanda.

The World needs more empathy. I need more empathy. I have a need for deeper contribution to others and the world.

Because I have great attunement for empathy, and work with people returning from incarceration. I want to learn to be empathic from a more efficient, less energy consuming place, to be able to spread more goodness in the world.

I am a social worker, this will help my career greatly. Empathy is what a social worker is all about and much more

To assist individuals and families

To improve my communication and collaboration skills. To help expand Empathy Circles to my organization.

I am excited about the possibilities of Empathy Circles in schools and other places in my life

To learn a new way of communicating to other.

TĂ´ create sense of comunity

To improve my listening skills especially at this time we need to practice how to listen to understand and empathize with the other rather than responding

I think it will help me personally, but also with my alternative listening therapy business

This would great to add to my skillset and implement working in the Behavioral Health field.

To help spread empathy

I faciliate trainings in empathy and I love the concept of an empathy circle and would like to add that to some trainings to assist people create a more empathic work culture.

To learn empathy



To be a better listener and to model empathy so I can get it from othes.

I am a psychologist, and a professor of clinical psychology. This format can greatly contribute to my professional development.

I would like to be instrumental in cultivating more empathy in my life directly, and in the lives of others.

Provide a safe environment when having difficult conversations or debates.

I see tremendous application as a Facilitator in my professional journey. However, far more importantly, I believe that being a Facilitator will help me discover my own self. Through years as a corporate trainer and then as an educator (teacher, mentor, school Principal), I have become aware of some of my conscious and unconscious biases. The long road still ahead of me [covid-willing! :) ] demands that I continue to sharpen myself in meaningful conversation with more and more people. I have an opportunity here to not wait until Christmas and take this gift for myself right now.

Being in an empathy circle is so powerful. I would love to share this practice with others.

I would like to hold a regular empathy circle for my community of learners who have studied Nvc with me. I was also reccomneded by Anish to do this course. I wish to hold many circles of reconciliation in South Africa

I would like to bring this to my work with students at a college campus

I am interested because I believe the more we offer Empathy circles, the more we connect on a human level and are able to listen, learn and understand one another. These circles and style of listening can also create greater self awareness and compassion for one another and resolve interpersonal and professional conflicts.

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles?

Berlin area and online

Online via ZOOM

Based in Windsor, ON, and other areas

in my institute

At my school, and maybe become confident enough to help with parents and community.

On Line

At home, in the office, in schools, in our neighborhood.

Not sure


In Santa Fe, New Mexico. Online with my buddy Jacqui.

Over the internet, in San Diego, California, and potentially in local jails if/when they reopen.

N/A for now. Will facilitate after I have gotten the necessarily trainings

Any setting in need


With colleagues, in volunteer groups I work with, etc

Community and work

Comunity, Youth, mental health

work and family

My family, friends or as a complimentary service with my clients and their families or friends

I could implement in Support group and Talking circle teachings


In business and in schools that I volunteer at. I serve on a board for an organization with at-risk youth.




Zoom - Virtually

Virtually on line for now. and potentially in person in Toronto.

At home \ Work \ Friends \ Family

Tongue-in-cheek answer: everywhere! :) Realistically, as of now, I'd like to facilitate Empathy Circles alongside Rasha's group from 'The Empathy University, with my classmates at University, and with my former students (underprivileged girls from rural India). In the future, I see tremendous potential in the organisation that I am in the process of building (working with prisoners to reduce recidivism).

Online zoom meetings, local community center, in my meditation classes

South Africa and online for my ispeakcompassion community

On a college campus

Online, in the schools and throughout Alameda County.

What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles?

Empathy, Space for creativity and conflict resolution, healing and brainstorming.

Better connection

Cultivating deeper relational bonds and diminishing violence in the world.

Development of interpersonal competencies

healing memories, stress releasing

People feel heard. People can learn different perspectives in a non-threatening way.

Contribute to creating a more cooperative harmonious world that is friend-based and not stranger based.

I see the incredible improvement of my relationships as just one of the benefits of Empathy Circles.


Networking, connectivity, grow CV and leadership skills.

So many! A place to be real. Emotional hygiene. Connecting humans to each other in a disconnected world. Promoting people to use feelings with wisdom and consciously.

The benefits I see include countering the troublesome perspectives and division of today's world, whether starting at the local level or the global level, to help the world into a more loving, supportive, and harmonious space.

Self development, career development, networking, etc

Builds my skill

Provides and opportunity to practice important connection and coaching skills in a safe environment.

Build empathy in the world

New knowledge of communication

Wellbeing and peace

the feeling of being heard helps to improve personal relationship whether if it was in a work setting or amongst friends and family

A better world, the more empathetic people we have, the better all of our lives will be

Create a space for people to share personal topics, speak freely, be heard, learn listening and reflective skills.

Transform the world

Creating a way for people to develop empathic listening skills, thus helping to increase their empathic capacity.

Better communication and relationships

Open communication

deeper upstanding and appreciation for others' point of view; there is a difference between agreeing and understanding

Better relationships

Enhancing compassion and empathy in all participants; facilitating heightened mental health, well-bring, support, and learning.

Empathy circles foster a greater sense of meaningful connection.

Nurturing emotional healing, providing a tool to being a companion on someone's journey, search and exploration.

I see Empathy Circles as pools of hope and healing, nourished by diverse experiences. I was surprised with the ease with which I gravitated away from my stress into an intimate environment with complete strangers. In any other situation, this would seem unnatural .. but was suddenly not only natural but seemed fundamentally simple! It is my expectation to find another benefit of Empathy Circles (as yet unproven to my mind). I work with children and adults from historically marginalised communities. Their lives are replete with indignity, disappointment, disillusionment, hurt, frustration, and even dehumanisation. I hope that by dint of this process, I can help them create democratic communities amongst themselves, greasing the wheels on their journey towards claiming their rights and remaking their identity in society.

Learning how to listen to others while being completely present (this is quite a practice to develop) is so powerful because it brings us out of our minds, which is very healing. Also learning how to speak effectively is another huge benefit! This practice really complements the meditation practice that I teach. It is about being in your heart space, and that's what empathy circles can achieve.

Mostly a remembering of what it is to be human together. A place where people can some and experience safety of being themselves exactly as they are. This is very healing and in many cases totally new.

It allows people to safely grow in their beliefs in a safe way.

Self Awareness, Conflict resolution, Compassion for each other

Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this application? If so, what are they?


Not at this time

not at the moment

Not at the moment.

none at the moment

Could you have a form to show interest for future training? I am interested in attending, but there are two weekends where I might be late. I'm sure that means I can't participate. I know you said not to sign up, but I don't know what the contact information is to find out about future events or ask questions. Maybe I misread the ad. I can't find it now.

Not at the moment


Not sure yet

I want to the empathy circle ambassador here in Rwanda

Not necessarily, I believe whatever is relevant was already asked

N/A for now



"What are your pronouns?"


not at this time

None come to me right now.

Not at the momen.

None yet

No - I look forward to learning


Any other questions or comments?




I was attending Empathy Circle Facilitator Training and didn't make it to the last 2 sessions, unfortunately. It was tough times in Israel-Gaza and I had to run to safe room/shelter each night..right now I'm back to Berlin and I wish to complete the training this time.

Not at the moment.

it seems interesting!

Will you offer this opportunity again? I will miss the free circle this weekend due to a prior engagement. Will you post more?


Have you considered pausing for 4th of July weekend in 2021? See you soon!

I am very excited to facilitate

Is there an explicit connection between this work and NVC?

Because it's so soon upon the expected start date, July 17, there are no Empathy Circles left for me to attend, except for July 10 and I have previously arranged plans. Will you be able to keep me on the list for a later cohort when I've had the chance of completing the prerequisites? Thank you so much for what you're doing here! This is one awesome way to impact the world in a mega positive way!! So looking forward to this!

Nothing for now

Are you an explicitly anti-bias/anti-racist organization? If not, why not and when will you repair this oversight or how can I help support that repair?

Thank you for such an opportunity

I wanted to thank you for this experience and I look forward to the opportunity to learn more and Graham was great!

I have completed both videos and will attend the first circle July 31st and I will attend another one or create my own with the students that I serve prior to the first weekend in August.


Excited to get started with the training; thank you!

Not at the moment.

None as of now, thank you.

I'm really looking forward to the training!!

I have watched your interviews with Catheine Cadden and Dominic Barter probably twenty times - I love them. Thank you for the work you do. It really touches me and amazes me that you are still caring for empathy after all these years


How soon can you start groups?