12.B Feedback

11 responses

    • Session 1: 3 Responses

    • Session 2: 3 Responses

    • Session 3: 4 Responses

    • Session 4: 1 Responses

What was most valuable about this Session for you?

  1. The equity in participation

  2. Hearing and expressing the one feelings I heard

  3. Practicing leading an empathy circle.

  4. The openness of the facilitators and the participant. Questions and remarks where brought up openly and honestly

  5. Try to facilitate a circle for the first time.

  6. We got to interact with Challenges.

  7. Being heard and acknowledged.

  8. The group dynamic was wonderful. Everyone was very supportive.

  9. Learnings and self realization

  10. The possibility of holding a first mini empathy circle

  11. That we had more time on feedback in breakout rooms.

What would you change about the Session to make it better for you?

  1. Nothing

  2. Time but its not possible.

  3. Time of session

  4. Nothing at the moment.

  5. Nothing.

  6. I don't know at this moment

  7. N/A

  8. Nothing comes to my mind at the moment

What questions are in your mind right now about facilitating Empathy Circles?

  1. The empathy hearing is tough

  2. No question to express. I get question and i get probable answers to.

  3. No questions at the moment.

  4. How to bring an atmosphere were people feel secured, hold and free to express themselves?

  5. Nothing.

  6. how do we know which areas would be plentiful to get people interested in participating in an empathy circle

  7. How can this be applied to business or organisational meetings for creativity and innovation?

  8. N/A

  9. In person would be great for new challenges.

  10. What do you do if people that agreed participating in a circle do not stick to the process while in there? If it's impossible to "handle" them, can you end the circle?

  11. Nothing.

What is a Empathy Circle Facilitation Challenge you have experienced, have seen or imagine having? Describe it and any questions, concerns, comments, ideas, etc. about it? (we will try to address those in the Session.)

    1. Living real life of empathy is very hard.

    2. Simply being organized in my facilitation which will take time to establish through practice.

    3. If you have someone in the circle that cannot really listen or that have difficulties expressing her/himself in a way to be understood, how do you let the person know?

    4. Nothing.

    5. I saw the challenges where somebody was going over time and looked they were going to continue; learning how to gently tell them that we don't have more time was I think a good challenge. I would like know if the person feels hurt or angered and displays that is there an appropriate way to handle that at the moment or at a later moment- what are some suggestions.

    6. I imagine facing intense emotions or energies of others and not being able to hold space for it. How might we handle such situations?

    7. Distraction in online, Participants facing lack of clarity in instruction

    8. Nothing.

Write a question you think we could add to this post-session survey

    1. No idea

    2. No response

    3. None at the moment.

    4. -

    5. How do you we manage to stay on track with time in the group and also allow people to say what they want to say?

    6. I don't know at this moment.

    7. None

    8. N/A

    9. Nothing.

    10. I don't know, I would try to keep the form short