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Preparation: Where did you take part in Empathy Circles and who facilitated them?

Cohort 10 facilitators, I have facilitated several

02/11/21, 02/18/21, 02/25/21, Edwin Rutsch


I took part over zoom with Building a Culture of Empathy with the facilitator of Edward

I partook in an Empathy Circle today at 10am PST over zoom facilitated by Edwin. I also partook in an Empathy Circle yesterday with my siblings where I facilitated.

The Stoa

March 2021

I did on zoom with Edwin Rutsch

Edwin both times 6th Feb 6th March plus several of my own using

n/a due to Pandemic Professors exemption.

I attended the last two Fridays (3/5/21, 3/12/21) both facilitated by Cat Spence-UK

Edwin Rutsch (3) and Extinction Rebellion


I attended 1 empathy cafe, scheduled to attend another this upcoming weekend.

I completed facilitator training in cohort 10

Over Zoom, facilitated by Edwin

I participated in 2 Empathy Circle Cafes

My first session was online through zoom, and was facilitated by Edwin Rutsch. I plan to attend 1-2 more through the same zoom session to fulfill my requirement.

Online, with Alissa Stover

I have not yet

Global: Karo (Poland), Linda? (Australia), Ann Jordan, (Minehead UK), Maureen (Ireland), Joanna (Portugal), Karin (France), Nele (Belgium),

on zoom , Edwin Rutsch


In the process of contacting Bee Kreigh at Pandemic Professors to set up own orientation

Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator?

Yes, this is my application to be a trainee

I will to implement empathy circles in my future career.

I want to respect others

For a personal reason, I want to improve my communication skills

I am interested in becoming an educator and would like to be able to connect with my students on a socio-emotional level.

I took part in a few circles in the past and have personally experience the benefits of them. I'd like to practice more consistently and teach others in order for the practice to expand in my country.

To see what else are other people experiencing and doing and learn more from them

I feel like I can use empathy circles to help me communicate with people better in my everyday life so I'd like to work on improving my experience in empathy circles.

To bring Empathy Circles to firstly the NZ Education Sector then to NZ generally.

I would like to continue becoming a more compassionate and empathetic person and be a better neighbor and member of my community.

I want to help spread the Mission of Empathy Circles

To become a better listener and communicator

I want to build my resume

To acquire empathy circle facilitation skills.

I am interested in becoming a facilitator trainer because I want to practice EC more and help seed new groups of EC practitioners

I'm interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator because I'd like to learn more about empathy and listening to help me understand more where people are coming from to make me a better partner, family member, friend, student, data scientist, and tutor.

I want to deepen my listening skills and help others to become more empathic listeners.

I want to develop strong active-listening skills because I'm planning on becoming a mental health professional. I believe becoming a facilitator--rather than remaining a student--will allow me to hone these skills the most. Additionally, I believe that having a certificate to communicate my "soft skills" would strengthen my graduate school application. Finally, I felt happy and uplifted after my first empathy circle, so I believe continuing the Empathy Circle training will be beneficial to my general mental health.

Practicing empathy is a hugely important part of effective social interaction. I'm excited to learn more about empathy in myself, and how to teach and practice it in others

So that I can help others.

To help when other facilitators need a break

it is really important to listen to people. As a teacher and a parent it is very helpful to be apple to Facilitator my own Empathy Circles.


I would like to practice empathy till it becomes second nature to me.

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles?

on Zoom or SF Bay area, especially Marin

at the school I teach


Work and personal spaces. Also to the youth club I have became to structure in Barbados.


with those around me

Mainly in the Education Sector in NZ

At my place of employment.

Online - Zoom application EST

Zoom, outdoors

After completing facilitator training I started We Listen, a discord server for empathy circles. I am also interested in doing EC in person when the pandemic recedes

Potentially my graduate program, my volunteer program, my family


Eventually, within a private practice as a therapist. Or through volunteer opportunities I might involve myself in later on. Maybe even during my tutoring sessions through Pandemic Professors.


English speaking countries


Anytime or place an opportunity arises

What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles?

World at peace with long range positive goals and actions

It helps us support those who want to be heard and acknowledge by how they are feeling.

It teaches morality and ethics

My ability to communicate to students and also to coworkers

Empathy Circles allow safe spaces for individuals with vast mindsets, beliefs and cultures to connect with one another on a deeper level.

Deeping listening skills and stronger connections with others.

To share stories and experience other people's emotional change and thoughts derived from it can be really inspiring.

I felt very connected to everyone in my group at the end of my first empathy circle and I felt very calm, heard, and valued by everyone so I'd like to continue with the process.

Multiple, especially within the education sector. Hopefully will be able to work with Bill in the future.

Allowing for a structured time specifically designed for participants to take turns being heard and listening to others would help people see and understand others' perspectives.

The empathy circle increases active listening therefore understanding. These seem to really bring joy to people to feel connected.

I get to be quiet (both my mind and my mouth) and just focus on other people and their thoughts

Learning how to be an active listener and how to understand other people’s views

Building a culture of empathy, facilitate dialogue.

I think everyone can learn something from the process, but ECs can be different for different people. They have taught me a lot about communication and how to notice when I'm not listening in a conversation.

Learning more about empathy to be a better partner, family member, friend, data scientist, and tutor.

Develop active listening and empathy skills.

1) It teaches the participant to quiet their inner chatter when listening to another person. 2) It provides participants with the opportunity to connect deeply with others in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise. 3) It provides valuable social interaction during an isolating time (pandemic)

Better understanding of others, practicing emotional intelligence, and learning to be a facilitator

Creating understanding between one another.

Heart, mind, body and soul wellbeing; de-escalation in difficult circumstances; improve relationships, understanding and connectivity.

It help people to feel connected to each others, and create a safe place to speak and listen to others.


Mutual acceptance, understanding and respect.ng.

Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this survey? If so, what are they?



The question above about how many Empathy Circles. I have attended 2 online with Edwin but at least four or five facilitating them myself. Look forward to working with the

I can't think of anything at the moment



Perhaps ask how many Empathy Circles the applicant has signed up for, as opposed to participated in.

Life experiences perhaps, or is that opening too much for interpretation?


Any other questions or comments?

So this is my application, need to look for facilitator trainee application too.



I've taken 2 empathy circles and didn't realize the requirements were 3 circles, am I still allowed to join?


I am very grateful to be exposed to this practice.


I look forward to participating more in empathy circles!

Can't come next Saturday morning NZ Time will be on a plane! Looking forward to being part of 12A Regards Wayne

I believe Edwin gave Pandemic Professors the opportunity to sign up without having taken part in the prerequisite sessions. If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

I was told in a email that it was required to do training to be Empathy Circles Facilitator that we could attend two empathy circles. Please let me know if I can attend

Nope, thank you :-)


I would prefer if my email information is not displayed publicly. Thank you.

I am submitting this application to be a trainee. I am not affiliated with pandemic professors, but I am a college graduate who still hangs around in 'academic' circles. I am quite interested in helping and connecting with professors. This is also the only upcoming cohort that I can make work for my schedule and I am feeling motivated to stay involved with EC. Thanks!


N/A. Is it possible to not share my email address on the sign up website?

The google sheet said that we need at least 2 empathy circles to qualify for training, whereas this document says we need at least 3. Which one is accurate? Also, I know I only have attended 1 but I plan to attend more very soon (this week). I just wanted to communicate my interest before it's too late. Thanks!

I have not yet participated in any Empathy Circles, as the ones I have signed up for have not happened yet, but will be participating when those events roll around.

no :)

I have mobility issues and will eventually need surgery, so I hope it won't be a problem

Thank you


I am really looking forward to enhancing my active listening skills and how to focus on the other person.