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Preparation: Where did you take part in Empathy Circles and who facilitated them?

Online on a Friday

Empathy Introduction Cafe on Feb 12 (Rita was our facilitator)

January; I cannot remember but do remember there was someone there from either Scotland or Ireland

Culture of Empathy, a European NVC group. I trained in NVC for several years mostly with Mair Alight, but in various courses.

Will be attending the one on Fb 16th & Feb 19th

I will ASAP.

Online NVC practioner

I plan to join circles this month.

In India online on zoom facilitated by an NVC practitioner

In my organization, facilitated by internal facilitators.


Friday, Edwin Rutsch

NVC workshop Honolulu, Girls on the Run

Have watched the videos

zoom with Edwin, Feb 11 @ 11 pm, and Feb 12 @ 1 pm est

I've been a part of Empathy Circles, or Active Listening Exercises, during my high school education. These activities were facilitated by my teachers. I have also participated in an Empathy Circles during a conference I had recently attended.

Zoom. Bill Filler and Rita

XR Brisbane West


All of them were online and facilitated by different members of COHORT 5

Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator?


The process I experienced was very simple and powerful. I really want to increase in my listening capacity and have the motivation to start empathy circles here where I am.

I am interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator for personal growth. I want to actively listen in conversations instead of thinking of what I should say next.

I'd like to assist people in better communication, and steer away from hate, paranoia and fear.

To resolve conflict


to bring this work to families, work with children and communities

I'm interested for great reasons. I believe the world will be a kinder more compassionate place of understanding when people have a safe container to share and listen to each other with empathy. I'm a super good listener and appreciate that about myself. And I also know that I need practice in speaking, sharing and being heard. And lastly, my organization Community Well which provides holistic healing and health programs to underserved communities, is planning a professional development pilot project for educators and a holistic wellness program for students and parents in the Bay Area. I was looking online for an NVC trainer (because I so highly value NVC and all Marshall Rosenberg's work and understand how essential this work is) and found that Timothy Regan is one of the few in the area. I then listened to the recorded session of KPFA's Talk-It-Out Radio from yesterday (1/31) with you, Edwin Rutsch :) I am so inspired by all the work you are doing to Build A Culture of Empathy. Thank you so much! Although I haven't taken part in Empathy Circles yet, I have watched the intro videos and look forward to attending as many circles as possible this month. I feel it's right timing for me to step into this and then be able to facilitate Empathy Circles at Community Well, and at middle schools and high schools, and wherever else may come.

To bring this to families, and groups I work with

I would like to learn on the facilitation of empathy circle.

I want to study it deeply, practice it a lot, and share whatever I learn

I really like the idea and it is great to become an Empathy Circle Facilitation.

I know what an impact it can have on everyone who participates, and other trickle effects outside of the circle.

I think in my work as a coach and facilitator, I can offer this practice to my people

To share peace in a world that is in dire need of TLC...

I believe empathy is a human capacity the world is in desperate need of. I am an activist myself, and I have struggled with balancing many causes, issues, initiatives that all affect my personal reality. I constantly interact with individuals who each have impulses the care deeply about and all these people want to be heard. When everyone wants to be heard, it can become quite hard to listen. A burning question I live with is "how can I hold a space that empowers and inspires genuine exchanges between people?" I believe Empathy Circles could just be the very answer to my question.

I started with an academic interest to observe the behavioral underpinnings of empathy. However, I am seeing the changes in myself just after the two circles and that excites me. I have started using this phrase more often - tell me if I have understood it correctly

Very necessary to have people who can facilitate supportive discourse during this time.My background in psychiatric nursing and as a teacher of mindfulness self compassion lends itself to the role.

Ongoing work in peacebuilding through health

The world needs listening and i'm so tired of being camplacent . I want to do something and this is what it is.

Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles

I don't know yet

In my family (with my mom, sister, and probably cousins). In my workplace with some trusted colleagues.

Work place

Wherever there is interest in my community. Ideally UC Merced.

In organisations

Everywhere, starting with my community.

Any place i get a chance

Stated above.

Anywhere where it is needed

Bay area

Online, in-person in my community, in my fitness/wellness programs

Corporates , educational institutes and open house audience and communities

Global, Zoom

During these times of a global crisis that prevents physical gatherings, I would love to be able to bring this impulse to people digitally. For in-person encounters, I would definitely love to facilitate Empathy Circles during protests and exhibitions to help the public/audience process what ever may be unfolding before them.

Brisbane West

Canada and the Middle East

In the UAE and in India.

What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles?

to become more emphathetic as a liste er

It teaches us all the art and joy of active listening.

The ability to make someone feel heard and understood.

Conflict resolution, and stress reduction.

Conflicts can be resolved with humanness and respect for the individuals

Strengthening community, learning how to listen with greater empathy and teach others.

to heal self and relations, be respectful to others and self

Clear communication. Transparency. Understanding and connection in relationship. Integrity. Compassion. Love. Intelligent evolution.

Authentic and respectful relations Peace and true harmony

In the work that I do

More gentle compassionate and effective communication and deeper connection and intimacy.

To become better listener to other and more understanding and caring for people

It gives people an opportunity to be open and present in various aspects of their life

This can help us receive and offer non judgemental space for understanding each other and improve our relationships

Opening the heart of humanity

From what I've seen as a participant of an Empathy Circle, the better listeners we become, the better we are able to work with others. Now more than ever, people must learn to work with each other, regardless of differences in class, race, religious belief, sexuality, gender identity, etc., to address the crises that threaten social justice and peace. Also, it can mean so much to someone just feel genuinely heard and understood.

It induces joy and harmony within the short time that we meet, evoking smiles from everyone. I think it is an important step towards bridging the massive communication gap that we find ourselves in.

Enable people to share with like-minded people their concerns hopes and dreams in this time of climate emergency.To support rebels to continue on the path of resistance .As part of the necessary rejenerative culture

Reinforcement of essential skills

I see a community of caring, connection , respect and love birthing with this practice.

Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this application? If so, what are they?


none right now

I think this application is good, not too short and not too long.

Maybe defining empathy circles more in the description. I only went to one class and could not remember all the details yet.

Do you feel ready to take on role of empathy trainer yet? What will it take?

My question is: Does it always work?

What should I do if I do not have requirements yet? Fill out the form anyway for now and change it later or fill it out later? I am not sure. I don't want to miss out on a spot.


Not at this time.

Not yet

nope :-)

How do you gain your support

Any other questions or comments?



no. Thank you!!

I'm very excited and hopeful to discover this course. Thank you for essential work.

I plan to attend another empathy circle tomorrow

Maybe I will need ideas on how to break the ice on this effort as I try it.

I wish to express my commitment to fulfilling requirements before the start of training - the two videos and the two empathy circles. This is amazing and I wish not to miss such a great opportunity! Thank you.

I may have questions after attending Empathy Circles this month. Will keep you posted.

Not yet

I'm good so far.

Looking forward to joining this group


let's get going :-)

I am looking forward to becoming a more active part of this inspiring impulse.



I'm just grateful and look forward.